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  1. Zahore Vs Gestede

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue in the Face View Post
    Will Kenny become as good a player as Rudy (after he left us)? Or even better?

    Well rounded no.9's can be the most valuable assets. It's starting to look as though we've scored big on Big Ken.
  2. Accidental blogs..

  3. Most decorated ex-City player

    Quote Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Gibson's pencil View Post
    We have never received any sell on fee for Bale. He has never signed any sort of registration forms with Cardiff City. He was a product of Southampton's academy, initially based in Bath.

    You really should check your facts before embarrassing yourself.
    That's the biggest load of rubbish I've heard in years
    Which part is rubbish?
  4. FT Hull City 2 - 1 Leicester City. The Premier League is back

    Quote Originally Posted by lardy View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BLUETIT View Post
    When was the last time the Champions got relegated, the following season ?
    Man City in the 30s. It's a classic sports quiz question.
  5. European Superstate Imminent?

    Quote Originally Posted by Catkins51 View Post
    A single army (which Cameron said would never happen)
    One central bank
    No control of Criminal Law system
    EU wide taxation.
    No border controls whatsoever.
    WE would not have shared Sovereignty - WE WOULD HAVE NO SOVEREIGNTY
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