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Colonel Cærdiffi

Day 1 - A New Era

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The natives spent most of yesterday packing their belongings and preparing themselves for the long journey to the Promised Land.

Mike Morris had assured the tribe that the transfer would begin in the morning of March 1st, St. David's Day. Upon hearing the news, the cynical faces of the tribe told its own story on that score.

High noon came and went but around 1pm Mike announced; it was time.

The journey was arduous, many of the older natives perished along the way, too old and confused to adapt to the pace of change. We simply buried them where they lay and carried on. We had to.

We began to arrive in dribs and drabs, clothes tattered and torn. There were many questions from the weary travellers, "how do you get avatars?", "how does the quote function work now?", "where's the settings for signatures?"

"Where are the smilies?"

There are no smilies here.

We are nothing if not a hardy bunch, having endured so much over the years as fans of this club but time will tell if this was one adjustment too many.

For now we rest.
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  1. Steve R's Avatar
    Haha, superb. ;)
  2. Mrs Steve R's Avatar
    Didn't know we could do this either :cool:
  3. Vimana.'s Avatar
  4. Arfur Europe's Avatar
    Back o the net
  5. Michael Morris's Avatar
    Nice one CC. So much more this forum can do. It's mind boggling
  6. nugent's Avatar
  7. welshyoot's Avatar
    fair play, very good :cool:
  8. adz-a32's Avatar
    sick haha
  9. Rocco Siffredi's Avatar
    Blog a tastic , a small step for fan a giant leap for ilks
  10. life on mars's Avatar
    Made me smile it was like a scene from the Reverent
  11. Arfur Europe's Avatar
    Even better on a 2nd read
  12. Mrs Steve R's Avatar
    Happy Anniversary (3 days late) ..but still, none of you remembered either.
  13. Llanedeyrnblue's Avatar
    Even later