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Colonel Cærdiffi

Day 3 - Tribulation

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"Email me if you have any problems, all the PM's will be deleted so if you have ones you need to keep, save them now!" shouted Mike to the crowd of posters as he pushed the board's huge doors closed for the final time.

It was a thankless task, he knew from experience that half of them weren't even listening.

"I tried requesting my account details, I never got an email!" shouted one poster. "How do you get to the new board?" yelled another as the rabble pressed harder against the doors.

With one last shove, the doors were safely shut tight. The old board was closed for good. Mike sighed in the silence, leaned against the doors, took out a cigarette and had one last look around the old board. "Well, the old girl did us proud but we're off to pastures new".

He walked down the corridor to the Moderator's Office.

Normally it was a struggle to move in this place but now his footsteps echoed around the halls, the darkness lit only by the red glow of his cigarette. At the office he expected to find Beef showing the new guy blue matt the ropes but the office was empty.

Mike stepped back out of the room and scanned the hall. Silence. He continued toward the PM room and as he approached he saw a light through the small wire mesh glass window. He peeked through and saw blue matt tied to an office chair with a long ethernet cable.

Mike pushed the door open and blue matt shouted "No Mike, it's a trap!" but it was too late, from the darkness behind him BLUETIT came running down the corridor and lunged at him with a handful of tenterpins. Mike quickly ducked aside and through sheer instinct, flicked his cigarette at the oncoming BLUETIT, sending him crashing into a stack of deleted argument threads.

"Where's my PM's, Mike???" BLUETIT hissed, and scurried further down the corridor, toward the big board doors. Mike saw what he intended to do. As BLUETIT reached for the door handle Mike shouted "No Tone, you don't know what you're..." but the door was already bursting open, hundreds of posters streamed right back in and were now headed straight for Mike.

"I tried logging into the new board, it won't accept my password!" said one. "I forgot my username, Mike" said another. "I'm not bothering to join, it's too much hassle" said another. The clawing crowd was getting closer.

Mike panicked, "Where's Beef when you need him?" he thought, and as if by magic he heard the voice of Beef from the crowd. "I can't get onto the new board, ffs"

Damn it, Mike thought. Beef's become one of them.

He turned and ran. Sprinting back down the corridor, a new thought struck Mike "If I can just make it to the new board doors..."

The baying mob chased behind and drew ever closer "The board's changed, I can't log in!" "Mike, I'm getting this weird error message about my password!"

As Mike got to the shiny new board doors he needed to buy enough time to get the doors open so he turned and swang his fists and feet around wildly, catching a few posters in the face and groin. Mike grabbed the door handle, flung the door open, dived through to safety and slammed the door shut behind him, locking it quickly before slumping to the ground, exhausted.

As he lay on the ground, gasping for air, a figure approached him. "Mike, the navigation on this new board is fecked and I'm getting a load of SQL database errors when posting".
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  1. Mrs Steve R's Avatar
    Great stuff Colonel.
  2. Michael Morris's Avatar
    nice one:D
  3. bluethrough's Avatar

    Fair play im enjoying these
  4. dr_socks's Avatar
    haha awesome :cool:
  5. Arfur Europe's Avatar
    That's shit hot ;)
  6. Arfur Europe's Avatar
    Wrong 'smilie' - think I meant this one :cool:
  7. Arfur Europe's Avatar
  8. Penarth Blues's Avatar
    Just found this. Very good CC. :D
  9. Thoth's Avatar
    Nice blog bud :)
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