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  1. Re: CARDIFF v BRENTFORD. Match thread

    It was Morrison's fault I think. That was one of a few backpasses he played a little short to Etheridge.
  2. Re: FT CARDIFF 2 - 0 BRENTFORD. Match thread

    I agree with the general sentiment on here - how Brentford failed to get anything from the game I don't know - though we should have had 2 in the first 10 minutes. How Bamba missed from 1 yard I...
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    Re: Reliable used car place

    That's a real bugger :frown:

    How much are you looking to spend and what do you need?

    If nearly new I'd point you towards Motorpoint in Newport as most of their cars are still within...
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    Re: Wales v Panama attendance

    It was a Friendly, on TV, against a not particularly inspiring name in world football. I'm surprised we got 13,500 to be honest
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    Re: Bottle in the CCS

    No bottles allowed at the gate I go in.
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    Re: Interesting Rabbi Matondo interview

    I was under that impression as well, but the article suggests that Cardiff had been able to say No to a number of Prem teams. Not passing judgement either way but I was surprised by what the MEN had...
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    Re: Interesting Rabbi Matondo interview

    I really can't see anything wrong with this statement. He's a young kid for whom things are moving quickly at the moment and nothing is promised to anyone at that age. He could equally as well be...
  8. Re: What puts you off watching Rugby on the telly?

    I like Eddie Butler but agree on the weird priorities the press have in Wales
  9. Re: Coleman has just rolled the dice with his job .

    Not a gamble really. He can say that we'd showed we were capable of holding France for an hour and then that he was also prepared to back his younger players too.

    As I say this France get a second...
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    Re: 307 mass shooting

    I disagree with statement 1, as unfortunately many treat membership as permission to behave in ways which run counter to freedom in society. This affects statement 2 i.e. what is right and what is...
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    Re: Is chatting up women now forbidden

    So basically you can't chat someone up if you're in a position of power? Sounds like a breech of human rights to me.
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    Re: Less than 16000, pathetic crowd

    This is what I think is the main reason. Many of us spent 50+years hoping for that promotion. Couple that with a few visits to Wembley, including two finals, and for most people that was job done.
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    Re: Ipswich prediction thread

  14. Re: Inept official cannot disguise City failings.

    We are going to struggle on Tuesday as Ward does not appear to have a particular strength we can play to. He also appears to have injured his calf.

    I agree we're unlikely to see Zohore before the...
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    Re: Callum Paterson

    Agreed. The highlight of a frustrating afternoon. Look forward to seeing how he gets on with a few games under his belt.

    Fast, powerful, and with an eye for goal. He really is an asset worth...
  16. Re: CARDIFF CITY v MILLWALL. Match thread

    This game has 0-0 written all over it. Let's hope we can find some creativity from somewhere to unlock their defence. Wardy is going to need to step up today if we hope to win - and perhaps Tomlin...
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    Re: A poem we can all relate to

    Great find :hehe:
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    Re: Where do you go on holiday and where ?

    Every year to Saundersfoot and Tenby (not with Sludge!) for a week - that's my proper, relaxing holiday. No flights, airports or other hassle. Then perhaps a trip to a European City - Barcelona this...
  19. Re: Next three games H H A. How many points will we get?

    Not losing to Ipswich or Bristol is the first goal. If we manage that and can get 6+ points out of the 3 games I'd be delighted...

    Not one of the games is easy
  20. Re: Would you stand at games again if you could?

    I think rail seating would be perfect for most areas of the ground. This allows you to stand up but also rest back against something if a little less steady on your pins. My Dad has had both his...
  21. Re: FT: MIDDLESBROUGH 0 - 1 CARDIFF CITY. Match thread

    From the radio it sounded as if NML and Hoillet had great games-was that how you saw it?
  22. Re: MIDDLESBROUGH v CARDIFF CITY. Match thread

    WOL reporting both carrying ankle injuries but hopefully will be fit for next week
  23. Re: MIDDLESBROUGH v CARDIFF CITY. Match thread

    Any news on what's happened to big Ken?
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    Re: Curtis Davies

    I'm quite happy with Davies being disrespectful as I think it will spur Zohore on to improve his understanding of the art of attacking and how to deal with defenders like Curtis in the future. I also...
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    Re: Curtis Davies

    I couldn't see the incident with Zohore properly but it did look like he caught him. I also couldn't figure out why he pulled Ralls up from an excellent position to give us a foul, when he'd not...
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