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  1. Re: The most iconic building to have disappeared from the wonderful city of Cardiff

    Never went in either The Carps or The Goodies but surely they couldn't have been any worse than The Cross? It's like "Road House" in there all the time.
  2. Re: The most iconic building to have disappeared from the wonderful city of Cardiff

    Kind of mentioned in the OP
  3. Re: The most iconic building to have disappeared from the wonderful city of Cardiff

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    Re: Bale sent off

    Worst one being Rivaldo at the 2002 World Cup when an opposition player kicked the ball to him to take a corner, I think it hit him in the leg and he went down like he'd been shot holding his face.
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    Re: Don't take me home (trailer)

    It's a brilliant film, that's all you're having.
  6. Re: Name your top three disliked people in football

    Stephen Quinn
    Alan Tate
    Garry Monk
  7. Re: QPR to wear commemorative white kit on Saturday

    Last time I remember this happening against us away we were 4-0 up half time against Peterborough.
    Can't remember what happened after that.
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    Re: Don't take me home (trailer)

    Tickets to the Merthyr showing Wednesday night.
    Going with my girlfriend, she's never seen me cry but I may get something in eye that night.
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    Re: The Lone Gunman

    Agree that he took unnecessary flack on here for sticking to his values, probably from some who haven't bothered over the last year or two themselves.

    Hope he enjoyed Saturday.
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    Re: A Cowbridge News Update

    Absolutely love these :hehe:

    What a Tory voting rotter he really is.
  11. Re: Leicester Fan Have Become LikeThier Players

    2-0 up and putting in a Premier League winning performance so far (although L'pool have been shite).
    Shame they couldn't do it in previous games.
  12. Re: Describe Garry Monk in two words.

    As a manager? Not really, got sacked from his first job and whilst he may be doing well now, he still hasn't achieved anything yet.
  13. Re: Describe Garry Monk in two words.

  14. Re: Match day squad for the first game of next season

    GK - New signing/McGregor

    LB - Jazz
    CB - Bamba
    CB - New signing
    RB - Peltier

    LM - Harris
    CM - Gunnarsson
    CM - New signing
  15. Re: Cardiff 2-2 Fulham- Match Report

    Didn't think the referee had a great game nor the linesman on the Bob Bank side.
    Felt there was a foul on Connelly before they scored their 2nd.
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    Re: Worst Pubs in Cardiff

    Yes, awful pub. Incredibly boring and I've been kicked out of there at 9pm a few times because they just want to shut the pub early.
  17. Re: If Trollope is supposed to be some amazing coach

    They were doing alright before he turned up mind.
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    Re: Welsh minority sport 'The Egg'

    Shit result but then again the team have been shit for a few years now.
    Been a bit raw for the national media to admit that but hopefully it hit home today.
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    Re: Zahore

    No he was a Russ loan signing and then a Paul Trollope permanent if you're being particular.
    He was utter dog shit under both of those managers though, wouldn't you agree?
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    Re: Zahore

    Zohore = A raw Bothroyd, I've said this and this was so evident today it's unreal.
  21. Re: Draw a fair result in great advert for Championship football

    On chances it was 7-3 to us but they were dangerous every time they went forward.
    How Hoilett stayed on I don't know, so many wasted chances and gave the ball away far too much but it was a good...
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    Re: First city bet in years

    Bet us to lose in an acca against Derby, had a 40 quid cash out with us losing 2-1 at half time.
    Took it and then all my results went to pot.
    Was a happy chappy that night.
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    Re: The best pub in Cardiff?

    Awful place, I think "The Slam" in Pentwyn was just as bad wasn't it?
    The Hendre in Trowbridge was awful too, mainly because of the Gypos.
  24. Re: Warnock agrees contract extension

    LeAdEr :ayatollah: :ayatollah: :ayatollah:
  25. Warnock press conference - video


    Could listen to him all day.
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