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    Re: My memory playing tricks

    He's named after a ghost,
    and stands between the posts,
    Oh Kasper whooaa....

    Was the song at Charlton away that season.

    Think we were 3-0 down by half time though.
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    Re: Cardiff City fan zone

    Rememebr at Ipswich away a couple seasons ago that they had a fan zone. Lots of craft beer sellers and food stalls, very 21st century football fan! But it was packed out when I walked past so must...
  3. Re: DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall dies

    Very sad news, was quite shocked actually, as friends go regular to his 'A Love from Outer Space' nights here in London and was due to see him on Friday night.

    Screamadelica is a masterpiece, one...
  4. Re: Does anyone really care that we're out of the FA cup?

    Yes, gutted we are out. Home v Sheff Utd? You never know and your in the quater final.

    I went to every game bar Chastetown on the 2008 run and it was incredible. Would love to experience that...
  5. Re: Dalman opens up on Sala stance and explains the club’s position

    How can you trust what anyone says in football?

    Has to be one of the murkiest industires to be involved in. The club owners are dodgy, the agents are dodgy, some of the players are mercenaries,...
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    Re: It's easy, really - Tomlin...

    That's two absolutely stunning free kicks this season. Just seems to pick his spot and guide it in.

    It's actually very refreshing to see and they look great when they hit the back of the net....
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    Re: Smithies save from Ken Zero

    Yeah great save. His weight is taking him to his left but he gets a strong right hand up in the opposite direction. Top draw.

    I still rate Etheridge but Smithies is by far the form keeper at the...
  8. Re: Racism and Homophobia announcement - Was it us?

    I think we are all incredibly keen to make sure racist and homophobic chanting/insults are kept firmly out of football. It is abhorent and completely idiotic, so clubs taing action to stamp this out...
  9. Re: A very Guardianesque article on Gareth Bale.

    Bale is being very clever not to get drawn into talking about politics, he is an inteligent guy, I'm sure he knows who the bloody PM is.

    What would it benefit Bale to give his opinion on Politics?...
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    Re: Giggs

    He got 64 caps, which puts him about 15th I think in the appearences lsit.

    That's more than the likes of Terry Yorath, Kevin Ratcliffe, Cliff Jones, Barry Horne, John Hartson, Danny Gabbidon,...
  11. Re: Ryan Giggs - done alright or not (for Wales)?

    I think you have to say he's doing well. With Such a large turnover of players to contend with and introducing lots of young players to the squad, plus a new style of play, it was always going to...
  12. Re: On the way home - but not good enough tonight....

    I thought Pack played well too. Ralls does a lot of running about at 100 miles an hour which masks that often his end product is lacking. All the same I thought he played well too.

    It was the 1st...
  13. Re: Are we still confident that Warnock will deliver promotion this season?

    I have a lot of admiration for Warnock and am very greatful to him for turning the club around when he did, because we really were going nowhere. Sadly I think last season and the Sala tragedy has...
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    Re: A dreadful team to watch

    I couldn't agree more. Forget playing styles and philosophies, we are just very poor at the moment and terrible value for the ticket price.

    I'm not someone who thinks all football should be played...
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    If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be in here!

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    Re: Blackburn score predictions

    1-1 or 2-2

    At the moment I can't see us keeping a clean sheet, especially away from home.
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    Re: Josh Murphy ...

    Looking at the statistics (Who Scored?.com), Josh Murphy has been our best performer this season (just edging out Joe Ralls) despite being hauled off against Luton and not playing against Reading.
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    Re: Sala article on The Athletic

    Great article, really feel for his friends and family, so many questions but no answers yet. Still shocked and saddened a tragedy like this could happen these days.

    I very much hope for his...
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    Re: Transfer Deadline Day Opinion:

    :hehe: Had the old Middlesbrough full back in my head! A top Curtis I would say.
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    Re: Transfer Deadline Day Opinion:

    Looking at the transfer window as a whole, I don't think it has been too bad overall. It doesn't get the pulse racing for sure but it's certainly not a disaster. We've got a pretty strong squad for...
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    Re: Osian Roberts off to Morocco

    It’s sad to see him go as he’s turned around the entire coaching set up at the FAW and it’s courses for A and Pro licenses are now world renowned. Plus we’ve had so many good youngsters come through...
  22. Re: Who's the best Championship/Division 1 team you've seen City play

    I thought the Wigan team in 2005 that went up were good.

    Ellingtoon and Roberts were formidable up top and they had some good footballers in the side like Bullard and Alan Mahon not to mention...
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    Re: Manga on his way

    I think he's been one of our more consistent performers over the last 3/4 years. I'll be sad to see him leave.

    He will be very difficult to replace, good on the ball, pretty quick for a CB, great...
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    Re: New away shirt?

    Would have been much better in yellow! Not a fan of that colour.
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    Re: 100% Pelanties

    The 2nd occasion Morrison was man handled by Mitrovic the referee was in a fantastic position, not only man handled but he blatantly pushed Morrison in the back too. Even from the away end yesterday...
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