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    Re: spine tingling

    The tune to god save the queen is used by Lichtenstein and sung in German.
    Norway use the tune as well
    Switzerland used to use the tune up until the1970s
  2. Re: Anyone buy gents clothes at tescos ?

    I had to buy a pair of track suit bottoms from there once when I experienced one of those dodgy farts that let you down at the point of exit and it turns into a runny one.

    I’d been drinking cider...
  3. Re: Must be one of the most interesting players in our history?

    Used to carry a gun in his kitbag

    I guess he wasnt planning on pulling it out very quickly
  4. Re: Another 3 stabbings in London yesterday

    Instead of spending millions on Ďsecurity Ď for Royal weddings and more millions on safari in South Africa or being patron of all these charities put some of this money back into the services that...
  5. Re: Anyone buy gents clothes at tescos ?

    No1 not too bad, we’ve all done it at some point

    No 2 requires a change of pants at least
  6. Re: Anyone buy gents clothes at tescos ?

    Not quite sure what you mean by ďtaken shortĒ

    Iíve always understood the term to mean that if Iíve been taken short then I have definitely shit myself

    Or does the term have different meanings...
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    Re: Any thoughts on this?

    They often play away
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    Re: Will Vaulks

    On that basis Only a further 5.6 games to go before we can expect to see his first goal
  9. Re: Can professional players smoke weed ?

    Omar Bogart
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    Re: Is Cardiff enjoyable to watch?

    I treat enjoying the game as a bonus. I play every ball make and receive every tackle I’m up on toes when I tip the ball over the bar and I’m in the face of the referee when decisions don’t go the...
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    Re: Whatís Julie up to now days?

    I was so upset that I cried all the way to the chip shop
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    Re: OT - Crisps

    I recall licking the oxo flavour from the crisp before consuming said slice of potato
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    Re: Friday the 13th

    IMO you should only be worried about the association between Triskaidekaphobia And any given Friday if you are Cathar or your sitting in Judas Iscariots place
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    Re: Dudley Moore

    You know what’s going to happen when you go to heaven? We’re going to have this tape played endlessly. As we burn.
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    Re: Newport Second In Div 2

    Godwinís law features so early
  16. Re: How easy is it to get into a new sport?

    IMO Itís one of the most interesting and deeply philosophical comments I have ever read on this MB

    It answers a lot of long term questions and poses a hundred more

    Im going for a lay down now
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    Re: The Lone Gunman

    I’m not clear why there seems a lot of antipathy towards TLG

    CCMB is a football message board

    TLG posts about football

    If you don’t agree then either post your position or suck it up

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    Re: Well Said Gareth

    Fat fingers
  19. Re: Off Thread: Is the Student Accommodation bubble about to burst

    The market for these types of development was driven by an expectation that international incoming student numbers would continue to grow at the previous levels

    The bubble is about to deflate...
  20. Re: Mystery CCFC Directors Scrutinised by the Trust

    For what it’s worth the Berjaya connection is linked to the Serbian/Croatian club that VT has/had significant interest in

    Similarly the Issen chap is linked to the US football club that VT has/had...
  21. Re: What did Sky say about the Arter sending off / dive?

    The 2nd yellow was for ďSimulationĒ
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    Re: The Roath Park Pub-City Rd

    Intellectual masturbation for one

    Onanism nqat
  23. Re: So how come Swansea can..................... Swansea Cup updates

    Something the Jacks manager said during an interview last week made me laugh

    “We had 7 years in the premiership and won the league cup...”

    I was wondering who the “we” were that he referred to...
  24. Re: I donít know why everyone is panicking

    Camarasa canít get a game at Palarse atm
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    Re: Braga Municipal Stadium

    Ha funny you should post this because as I as reading the thread I had this very picture in my mind and

    Ta da here it is

    Wonderful. :thumbup:
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