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  1. Where's that facebook link that was mentioned earlier - can't find it now

    ...and CCFC's link won't let me create an account - doesn't recognise my bl**dy mobile number as it's US

    Help, please still 20 minutes left isn't there?
  2. It's going to be Sunny and 94 Fahrenhiet at 7.00pm in San Antonio this evening...

    ... that's 34 Celsius in your money, so I hope City have plenty of water and replacements on hand.

    Can't help feeling the arrangements at the club sometimes leave something to be desired - the...
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    Re: No ifollow for expats


    Presumably the club is doing it's own thing - a number of fixtures in 17/18 weren't shown on Ifollow because the opposition club had opted out but as far as I'm aware they had their...
  4. Re: Bamba and Patterson not going to 🇺🇸 , nor Tomlin or Madine

    As others living in the US will confirm, the immigration laws here are a mess. Congress has absented itself for decades - politically too difficult to reform - and it's therefore left to the...
  5. Re: Who do think will be our top three players next season?

    I suspect he's not even signed yet. Think this time Warnock wants someone proven able to put the ball in the net

    Profile: like tragic Emiliano Sala, young, quick and with probable resale value.
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    Re: New away dhirt?

    Huh! That's different and I, for one, like it:thumbup:
  7. Re: Surprised no-one has mentioned this possibility...

    Sorry, I looked but couldn't see the Mail item had already been posted:angry:
  8. Re: Surprised no-one has mentioned this possibility...

    Piece from Daily Mail outlining how Tomlin's mental issues have always been his main problem - which some, earlier on the thread have referred to:
  9. Re: WWC semi final. England v USA. Match thread

    Not impressed with the American girls going for the corner and drawing fouls to time waste - 2nd game in a row.

    Lots of teams do it but theirs is particularly cynical.

    England girls did well,...
  10. Re: Surprised no-one has mentioned this possibility...

    I entirely agree, Paul, that his problems are in his head; I'm just saying he must recognise he's finally facing his nemesis - that no-one else is likely to take a chance on him. What option has he...
  11. Surprised no-one has mentioned this possibility...

    ....that Lee Tomlin might yet come good as a Bluebird....

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    Re: RIP Tony Clemo

    In the years he was club Chairman I got to know Tony through his contact with the Council for whom I worked. There were a few dodgy reports over the years about his Red Dragon Travel business but he...
  13. Etheridge issues a 'Come and Get me'....

    ...if this is to be believed:
  14. Message from Mehmet Dalman on City's proposal to outlaw illegal flights in football...

    Proactive response to the tragedy and plenty of common sense here; well done.
  15. Re: BBC Wales programme about Emiliano Sala Mondat evening...

    This has been my complaint about City's activity in the issue and I said so some months ago. Legally, I don't think Cardiff will be found liable but I asked at the time - if the passenger had been...
  16. BBC Wales programme about Emiliano Sala Mondat evening...

    Mirror making headlines of Sala family comments.
  17. A lot has been said about Chelsea's offside goal against us...

    ...but we aren't the only casualties of that howler.

    I know it's only notional but had Chelsea not picked up 3 points that day, Arsenal would got the Champions League spot and Chelsea the Europa...
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    Re: Good Luck to County tonight...

    Thought County were value for the draw and have every chance in the 2nd leg :thumbup:
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    Re: Good Luck to County tonight...

    Silly me, you're right lads - let's hope their luck holds out until Thursday, then :-)
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    Good Luck to County tonight...

    They have the wind in their sails after Saturday's late equaliser :thumbup: and two years of positivity up the road.

    Be odd to have them just one division below us, though:shrug:

    And are there...
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    City must go for it on Saturday...

    Fulham's problem throughout the season has been conceding goals and we need all three points so it's logical to conclude we should take the game to them early on with the target of scoring the first...
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    A County win today...

    ...could put them into a play-off position with a game in hand:thumbup:
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    Villa winning again today...

    ...appear to be the form horse entering the play-off straight :frown:
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    Had Sala arrived here safely ....

    ....and weighed in with, say, 10 goals - mindful that Niasse and Zohore between them have one - would it have been enough?
  25. City got most of it right against Liverpool...

    ...they had a plan and it was well executed; kept the league leaders at bay for most of the afetrnoon.

    Why the hell haven't they been able to do likewise against lesser teams through the season?
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