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I was wondering what that was all about .

Regarding the bit I've highlighted - apologies to him if I've got this wrong, but I'm fairly sure I heard Warnock say that the missing players would have been available if we had been playing the wurzels on Sunday. Also, I'd say that, although our weakened team formed part of the reason for it, my "main beef" was more to do with City's attitude to cup competitions in the five years following our League Cup Final appearance and the way so many of our fans are happy to accept what I wouldn't say is a let's hope we lose attitude on their behalf, but it's not far short of one.

Here's a scenario for you, say it had been Cardiff v Swansea on Sunday and the BBC had insisted on a 10.30 am kick off for television coverage, what do you reckon the crowd would have been? Also, say we had fielded the sort of side we did against Fulham, while the jacks picked their strongest team and ended up winning 3-0, what do you think the reaction would have been like on here, on other social media sites and in the local media?
I reckon Warnock said that because he felt a bit of pressure and was embarrassed by the performance.

Fans-wise, can't disagree with you.
I think we all know that had we been playing the jacks at at a silly time, it would more than likely have been a sell out.

As I intimated, I don't think that the strongest side he would field would be much stronger in quality than that of Sunday but I'm sure that the players would have battled more.

I also think that the score might well have been 3 nil to the Jacks.