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Thread: Do you believe Trump and, if you do, why do you?

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    Do you believe Trump and, if you do, why do you?

    I see Donald Trump has denied claims that Russian intelligence agencies have obtained personally compromising material related to him.


    In doing so, he is only doing what any politician would do when such claims are unsubstantiated - the way the world is these days, you would expect someone to say much the same sort of thing at such an early stage of the story even if the allegations were true.

    It's for this reason that I tend to take the denials of any politician in a situation like this with a pinch of salt - that's not fair, but it's what decades of watching political careers being slowly ruined by denied allegations that simply wouldn't go away has done to me.

    So, this is not just me having a go at Trump again, my attitude would be much the same, no matter who the politician was that the allegations were aimed at.

    However, there is something different about Trump, people seem to be more forgiving of the numerous examples there are of him being economical with the truth than they are with other politicians.

    Maybe, it's the word "politician" which explains this - in my opinion, Trump has benefited an awful lot from the fact that, even now, there are plenty out there who don't think of him as a politician.

    Is this why, attitudes are different towards him? Is this why when he says things that aren't true or promises things that do not happen, his supporters say "well, it was only banter, you didn't really expect him to do that did you?" and so many accept this in a way that they would never do with most other politicians?

    My thinking on this is that this is a man who is going to be running the country that was, and arguably still is, the most powerful in the world in nine days time, of course he's a politician and so I treat stories like the one I've linked to with the same cynicism as I would if they had been about any other politician.
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