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Thread: Next Labour leader

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    Re: Next Labour leader

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocco Siffredi View Post
    Socialist Stevie Kinnock would be the boy, barely scraping by in his childhood, with impoverished parents , he would be a leader who has grown up on nowt to be a breath of hot air .
    Do you always have to be poor to be a socialist then?

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    Re: Next Labour leader

    Quote Originally Posted by CardiffIrish2 View Post
    Personally I'd rather Tory-lite then the ultra Tory right we will be getting with a landslide on June 9th.

    I think the above are the most appealing to electorate. Wonder how JC will feel when he sees that increased majority for the Tories and knowing he is largely responsible for it.
    But yet, there is no point in becoming or being the Tories MkII' simply to challenge the Tories.

    I fear that we are all but in a dictatorship now, and the feckers know that the majority of 'us' are too indifferent, selfish, scared or stupid to risk doing anything much about it.

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