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Yes I cannot deny how weak Labour politicians were in their public speaking during that campaign
I just listened to radio wales this morning - when the Labour MP for Bridgend was asked about Labour defence policy etc. Jeremy will not use a preemptive first strike. Of what is your policy on a retaliation - would he order it - if the UK was hit - erm not sure. "We are having a strategic defence review"

If you remember this is what Gordon Brown ordered back before the last but one election he lost when John Robertson was to do a "strategic defence review policy" - after the election - in other words - kick it into the long grass and use that as an excuse for any question on defence. Interesting to see what he said back in Feb this year https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/...bertson-hutton

The last 2 Govts have made many cut backs on the often over bloated defence budget - nowadays there seems to be more focus on cyber than anything else with it now being a tier 1 threat.

Weirdly enough I half agree with Corbyn on the first strike issue but I think trident (or the equivalent) is going to have be a price to be paid - would rather it was spent elsewhere, and if we could all give them up the world would be a happier place (perhaps) - but that wont be happening any time soon the way things are going - so Jezza and the Labour party really do need to make a policy on this - rather than his fudging (again)