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Thread: Wigan roll call.

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    Wigan roll call.

    Me and 8 other London Bluebirds coming by train.

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    Re: Wigan roll call.

    TIT coach leaving at 7.15am, Inn stop arranged.

    07976574343 for latebookers

    All welcome to travel.

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    Re: Wigan roll call.

    City supporters club coach from Barry at 07.30.
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    Re: Wigan roll call.

    the sunshine bus from canton
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    Re: Wigan roll call.

    Quote Originally Posted by TISS View Post
    the sunshine bus from canton

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    Re: Wigan roll call.

    By the way anyone living in London and The South East or moving up there over the summer
    please be aware that The London Bluebirds exist and have a message board to help with travel
    and tickets.
    We are the half of The 1927 Club who continued to watch City ( though we never bought into red )
    at the time of the re brand.
    Please sign up to our London Bluebirds Forum where you will be given a warm welcome.

    You can read it without joining btw.

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