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Thread: Problems with Mauve and Yellow Army.

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    Problems with Mauve and Yellow Army.

    Here's a section of an e-mail I've just sent a friend, any advice/help on how to sort out the issue would be much appreciated;-

    "There's nothing wrong with me, but there is something odd going on with the blog. I've done the usual quiz and a piece on the Huddersfield match in the past ten days and when I put links to them on the messageboard I use, there have been replies saying they just get taken to the report on the Newcastle game - usually, new pieces appear on News Now within five minutes of publication, but the last two have taken a day to get on there (my Huddersfield piece is the last but one story on the "Yesterday" section of the link below)


    I've been trying to figure out what's going on and it seems to be a browser issue. This morning I've searched for Mauve and Yellow Army on four browsers and when I've clicked on the link for the site, I've been taken to a page with the Newcastle piece at the top of it for three of them (Chrome, Explorer and Firefox), while the blog is up to date on Vivaldi. This is the first time the problem has appeared with Chrome, which is the browser I use normally, but in all cases, I can access an up to date page by pressing control and F5 at the same time on the keyboard - the problem is that it usually reverts to the out of date version when I switch off the browser.

    So, you can still get at an up to date blog, but it's hardly an ideal situation."

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    Re: Problems with Mauve and Yellow Army.

    Is it simply a case of not emptying the cache or deleting internet history?

    (the sort of things that someone with loadsa open tabs may not do )

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    Re: Problems with Mauve and Yellow Army.

    We are the mauve and yellow army!

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    Re: Problems with Mauve and Yellow Army.

    I encountered this Paul. But went down to News: May and then got the Huddersfield quiz.

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    Re: Problems with Mauve and Yellow Army.

    It is a cache problem. Everything in life can be explained by sex and cash.


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    Re: Problems with Mauve and Yellow Army.

    Thanks very much for the link David, I've installed the plug in W3 Total Cache as recommended and, touch wood, everything seems okay now.

    Once again, thanks for your help .

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    Re: Problems with Mauve and Yellow Army.

    Don't mention it

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