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Thread: Glamorgan

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    Going well but just lost 3 quick wkt, from 98-1 to 107-4. Hope Ingram puts a knock together now.

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    Re: Glamorgan

    They need to win this and their final two group games to have a chance of qualifying.Only the team that finishes top goes through to the semi final. The teams that finish second and third then play the teams that finished second and third in the northern region to make up the other semi finalists.So if Glammy finish third in the group they would play the team finishing second in the northern region for a place in the semi final.
    There are no quarter finals this year

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    Re: Glamorgan

    Another couple of wickets in the 37th over. Now 181/7. Need 63 off 66 balls.

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    Re: Glamorgan

    31 needed from 36 now. Looking good!

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    Re: Glamorgan

    214/8 Middlesex slight favourites

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    Re: Glamorgan

    216/9. Ingram gone. Glammy on the verge of going out of the tournament

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    Re: Glamorgan

    Fallen apart at the end

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    Re: Glamorgan

    T20 is all that's left

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    Re: Glamorgan

    Quote Originally Posted by Llanedeyrnblue View Post
    T20 is all that's left
    ...and its only 10th May

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    Re: Glamorgan

    Donald is a worry, mostly because I spent all of last year telling everyone I know that he would be playing for England by now.

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    Re: Glamorgan

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Cartman View Post
    Donald is a worry, mostly because I spent all of last year telling everyone I know that he would be playing for England by now.
    He is really struggling as is David Lloyd.

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    Re: Glamorgan

    Typical modern day Glamorgan batting performance yesterday - full of ineffective twenties, thirties and forties from batsmen who had got in. It's no coincidence that in the two games we've won, one batsmen has got a hundred (albeit with not much support from those at the other end).

    Donald has got some useful scores in the four day game, but is struggling terribly in the one day stuff and Lloyd is not doing much with bat or ball, but Cooke's scores this season have me wishing that Mark Wallace was still playing - at the moment all using him as a wicket keeper is doing is seemingly turning one of our better batsmen into a bit of a rabbit, while taking risks with a dodgy back of his which caused him to miss much of last season.

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