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Thread: Bluebird in the Himalayas

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    Bluebird in the Himalayas

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    Re: Bluebird in the Himalayas

    Love it!

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    Re: Bluebird in the Himalayas

    Are they furniture sales-people ?

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    Re: Bluebird in the Himalayas

    Hope we reach some heights next year

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    Re: Bluebird in the Himalayas

    Quote Originally Posted by BLUETIT View Post
    Are they furniture sales-people ?
    No - the company involved is Smoke Control Systems Ltd - fire alarm linked smoke extraction products.

    Having been absolutely transfixed by the incredible 'Into Thin Air' by Jon Krakauer, the film of the same book 'Everest' and then researching everything I could about the mountain, what this guy has done is no mean feat, even with Sherpas. As in the book above, the weather can change in an instant and slightly too long in the death zone (>26,247 ft) and you are in a very grim situation.

    What fascinated me (morbidly) was the sheer amount of dead, frozen, largely preserved bodies that still litter the mountain to this day as removal is too dangerous.

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