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Thread: Appleby Global Compromised

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    Appleby Global Compromised

    Bermuda cyber hack: Offshore law firm data hack leaves super-rich bracing for financial details to be released

    Bermuda-based Appleby, which has offices in British tax havens, said some client data 'compromised' in 2016 cyber incident


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    Re: Appleby Global Compromised

    Never ceases to amaze me, surely all their clients details should be on a server that is not connected to the internet.
    On a server that is connected to stand alone network in a secure building.

    If these details are so crucially important that they dont get hacked - they would be better off going back to paper in a highly secure building, use whatsapp or other secure communications rather than email.

    Will have to find out how it was hacked

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    Re: Appleby Global Compromised

    So, I wonder who's been up to no good ..

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