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Thread: Carl Sargeant

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    Carl Sargeant

    Naughty boy apparently. Dunno what yet I got

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    Re: Carl Sargeant

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocco Siffredi View Post
    Naughty boy apparently. Dunno what yet I got
    Cheers for that Yoda.

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    Re: Carl Sargeant

    They are almost all cnuts I fear.
    Probably the same character flaw which attracts many of them to 'public office' in the first place.

    That said, someone has to.

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    Re: Carl Sargeant

    Unless the Tories come with a final flourish , Labour might romp home with suspensions.

    He's a suggestion , ban alcohol from Westminster, normal establishnents / organisations don't operate with them force them into public bars, into the arms of the law, if they behaviour inappropriately they get arrested or wacked out by normal folk.

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    Re: Carl Sargeant

    Quote Originally Posted by ninianclark View Post
    I see that the Assembly has now cancelled all their work for the week, all meetings, discussions etc . Ths was a terrible incident, the complaint of sexual assaults should have been given to the Police immediately - it's not up Carwyn Jones to be the self appointed Policeman of the WAG. I dont understand why they cant carry on doing their work though ?
    Let’s be honest, will anyone even notice?

    They all piss off for months over the summer and we all manage perfectly well without them.

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