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Wonder if he'd still be playing for the Under 18s if he was still here? There's plenty who say he'll never play first team football at Man City, but would he have done so at Cardiff - we've been hopeless at handling the transition from promising youngster to first team footballer in the last five years or so.
I didn't see Matondo here but I'd have thought he was one youngster who had a real chance of progressing towards the first team. He's got pace and sounds like the kind of wide man that Warnock is looking to use. No real competition for that kind of player in the under-23s with them having a lack of pace presently so I'm sure he'd have had ample opportunity to show what he can do at that level. If Warnock had been here at the time, I wonder if things would've turned out differently? Probably not, but he's got the gift of the gab if nothing else and he may have been able to convince Rabbi of a future here, short term at least.

I know you've got concerns about the way Sion Spence is being handled, I'm not saying you're wrong but I don't know enough about that situation to pass judgement yet. On the whole I'm more optimistic about the pathway from youth to first team than I was when Slade was here. I'm certainly not claiming Warnock is perfect but the way he sets up means that every kind of player can feel they have a chance of making it here, if they're good enough of course.