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Thread: Looking forward

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    Looking forward

    Looking forward to a good game and hopefully a good win tonight.


    Enjoy everyone.

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    Re: Looking forward

    Now say it in Mandarin.

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    Re: Looking forward



    Qdizhu yī chǎng jīngcǎi de bǐsi, xīwng jīn wǎn yǒu g hoshng

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    Re: Looking forward

    Enjoyed that last night. Thought Morrison was superb, Zohore looking more like the player we know he is capable of being, Hoilett just carried on being Hoilett - excellent, Ralls was good but not at his superb best but good to see we can still put on a performance without Ralls necessarily pulling all the strings.

    Hopefully, a spell on the bench for Bamba will help refocus his mind and we'll soon be seeing the best of him. Seems we have now got strength in depth and really looking forward to be thoroughly competitive for the remainder of the season.

    Wildschutt does need to pull his finger out though.


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