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Thread: Well done the Tory government

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    Re: Well done the Tory government

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    No, thought not.

    How can I possibly say whether I think government ministers should resign if I don't know what they are supposed to be resigning about? Shall I answer no and say I don't think the whole government should resign?

    I know you are just trying to defend you little chum but you aren't doing a very good job.

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    Re: Well done the Tory government

    There are some decent Tories amongst the dross. Sadly they are backbenchers. The likes of Sarah Wollaston, Dominic Grieve, Ken Clark and Anna Soubry do a valuable job in Parliament.

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    Re: Well done the Tory government

    Quote Originally Posted by SLUDGE FACTORY View Post
    Yes kick em all out

    Corrupt capitalist mouth breathers
    You’re wrong, of course, but at least you say what you think.

    Unlike others.

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    Re: Well done the Tory government

    Quote Originally Posted by ninianclark View Post
    Eric / Auntie seeing as you are one and the same - you were all in favour of bailing out companies caught up in the carillion debacle. How could the evil Tory govt award contracts to Carillion etc.

    I see things have moved on again now , new thread same name, Eric has put on his dress and become Auntie Gammon Flaps , same topic name.... It's like being on a Momentum training course. And there was I thinking we had reached 'peak corbyn' , meanwhile in other news I see Uncle Ken Livingston has decided to give up waiting to be heard and taken his anti zionist / anti semite / anti israel views (he's at least 2 of those - if not 3) and decided not to try and crawl his way back into the loving arms of an almost openly anti israel party. No problem though , he's welcome to his opinion (just not for for me)

    I'd almost forgotten he has previous when he told that Jewish reporter back 2005 that he was acting like a Nazi concentration camp guard.

    Ho hum - just a another day, nearly as bad as the day Ive had, back on same time tomorrow, until next time pop pickers
    You are making being completely wrong and wildly passive-aggressive into an art form.

    Somebody needs a turn on the naughty step.

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