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Thread: Good effort but.....

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    Good effort but.....

    ....those were two really poor goals to concede. Poor goalkeeping in the move prior to the first goal with Etheridge strangely rooted to his line and then rubbish defending to conced and the second goal looked all so easy.

    Burnley apparently had 3 chances and scored twice. I think that we had close to 20 chances. So a huge opportunity missed especially as Burnley were really not very good.

    It is ironic that our goal came from a nice move with the ball being played on the floor.....


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    Re: Good effort but.....

    They're saying on TV here that they had 2 chances and we had 19, 5 of which were on target.

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    Re: Good effort but.....

    Three points down the drain. My first view of Cardiff City this season. You were the dominant side but threw it away with really poor defending. Burnley were very poor and lucky to come away with anything let alone three points. I was frustrated watching that so heaven help what you Cardiff fans felt.

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    Re: Good effort but.....

    Morrison and Bamba are no where near good enough for this league and the most frustrating part about today was when we kept the ball on the floor we looked much better and that is where the goal come from but we persist on lumping the ball forward in hope we might get a bit of luck well you sometimes need to make your own luck

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