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Thread: Bitcoin Getting Battered

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    Re: Bitcoin Getting Battered

    The author's prophecy for cryptogeddon by the end of 2019 will be a year late should this ongoing carnage continue unabated. Bitcoin blew through its perceived support level of $4,200 yesterday and its price has been thumped for a 25% decline since I started this thread 11 days ago. Proponents will take comfort from knowing Bitcoin has suffered 75%+ declines at least five times in previous years to always bounce back stronger than prior. The hardcore believers, if they have the financial means to do so, will be loving the smash as an opportunity to add to their holdings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric the Half a Bee View Post
    Organ, I invested in these around a year ago for what seemed like a reasonable price. Just wondering if you have any idea of its value now? Thanks.

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    Re: Bitcoin Getting Battered

    Bitcoin fell around another 12% to $3,500 yesterday before rallying back above $4,000. Virtually every other of the 2,000 alt coins had similar 20+% swings on the day as they move in unison. Owning any of them seems to be a sure way of increasing stress levels.

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    Re: Bitcoin Getting Battered

    hi guys. I'm new here, and I need your help. I want to start making investments, but I don't know if I should. now I play a game MotoCoin where I can earn bitcoin without investments. This is a miner, as long as you play the game, the program works. for a week earned 0.07 btc. but i want more so looking for advice. if there are any tips, I'm ready to listen

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    Re: Bitcoin Getting Battered

    Bitcoin is dollars away from retesting its recent 12-month low of $3,220. Bitcoincash has already broken its previous support level today. It's at $80, which is a 97+% decline from its $3,000+ high.

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