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Thread: General election, let's have it

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    Re: General election, let's have it

    I like elections they give me the opportunity to stick up my Tory vermin?.....get off my doorstep signs

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    Re: General election, let's have it

    Quote Originally Posted by Nelsonca61 View Post
    Does anyone have any remote idea what the Labour policy is on Brexit ?
    We kinda know the Tory stance and that lot are basically having a civil war amongst themselves over it.
    We'll have a live debate with May and Corbyn, it will have no substance, it will be full of obfuscation.
    Joe public will, based on pre dated beliefs end up in the same old I'm right you're wrong discussions.

    As you were
    The live debate should be May v Boris two opposites. Not two different shades of views .

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