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Thread: Southampton

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    They have won 4 games in 40

    (Congrats on the one that sent Swansea down )

    They had one good player in Lemina - Redmond was OK but Bruno had him in his pocket - The rest were utter gash

    They spent 20m on that donkey at the back (He couldn't pass water) and Charlie Austin hardly moved and his hold up play was non existent

    They have big, big problems and look like getting one of the relegation spots unless they change that team around in January - we really should have beaten them by more than one goal. Morrison should really have buried that header towards the end and Arter should have scored (He was excellent today my MOTM but he can't hit a barn door)

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    Re: Southampton

    That Lemina is quality.

    Disappointed by Austin. I thought Morrison had him in his pocket most of the game.

    Southampton actually played some good stuff at times, but seemed afraid to take a chance around our box

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