And what a great result.

I wasn't especially confident before the game but the effort that the team put in was huge and the defending in the second half was really, really good. I was going to pick out Manga as he had an indifferent game on Saturday but that would be unfair as all of the back 5 were excellent, and in fairness, after we scored the second, Brighton didn't really look like scoring.

That said, Brighton started the better, and created a few early chances, dominating possession. We look solid, rather than threatening, and NML's superb goal came pretty much against the run of play - we hadn't created too much prior to that. But what a goal! (I said that he was a better bet than Josh, after the Burnley game on Sat ;-) )

Morrison's goal coming so soon after HT really settled things down (I even thought that the keeper was going to save it AFTER Morrison had headed it goalwards as we were right in line with it ), and it was fantastic to see the whole team celebrate right in front of us in the away fan section.

After that, despite us constantly conceding possession (I lost count of the times that we just hoofed the ball long only for Dunk or Duffy to just win the ball back quite easily), the team defended heroically whilst looking to catch Brighton on the break.

Everyone deserves credit this evening as there were no below par performances. Everywhere you looked epitomised the effort being put in, from Manga winning everything to Holiett putting in slide tackles in the last 10 minutes, to Ralls' non stop running.

Nearly as good as Leicester and Southampton away, and probably more important as if we hadn't won, I wouldn't have given us much hope. But there is still plenty to play for.

PS . The AMEX is still a joke of a ground to get to and from.