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Thread: RIP Tony Clemo

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    RIP Tony Clemo

    Cardiff City Football Club is saddened to learn of the passing of former chairman, Tony Clemo.

    Tony, who passed away on Wednesday following a short illness at the age of 78, was a Ninian Park board member for almost twenty years between 1973 and 1991. He became Cardiff City FC chairman in 1986 and spent six years in charge of the club prior to Rick Wright taking the reins in 1992.

    The highlight of Tony’s time with the Bluebirds was the 1987-88 season, at the end of which City achieved promotion from the old fourth division and completed a double by virtue of a Welsh Cup triumph.

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    Re: RIP Tony Clemo

    Not my favourite chairman but saddened to hear the news.

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    Re: RIP Tony Clemo

    In the years he was club Chairman I got to know Tony through his contact with the Council for whom I worked. There were a few dodgy reports over the years about his Red Dragon Travel business but he was very personable and had Cardiff City's interests at heart without a doubt. Unfortunately, Tony was more a fan than a chairman/owner in the sense we know today and under his tenure the club suffered from a lack of investment.

    He led a chequered life, though, and here's all you need to know:

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    Re: RIP Tony Clemo

    My dad decorated his house way back in the day, if memory served he did up some nightclub Clemo was involved with in town and did got the job from that.

    8 year old me was quite impressed by the claim to fame.

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    Re: RIP Tony Clemo

    Bakers Row
    Ahhh memories

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    Re: RIP Tony Clemo

    I remember wearing my 'Clemo OUT' badge down the City. In fact, there was one game when he told the stewards to refuse entry into the ground to any supporter wearing one.

    Great times although not my favourite Chairman.

    R.I.P Tony Clemo

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    Re: RIP Tony Clemo

    At times when no-one would touch us with a barge pole, he really did try his best

    of course we had dodgy times, but lower league football was a completely different beast back then

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    Re: RIP Tony Clemo

    At the time he was not my favourite chairman, but with hindsight he was obviously just trying his best.

    At the end of the day he was still a bluebird.


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    Re: RIP Tony Clemo

    Some nice balanced views in fairness.

    RIP Tony Clemo

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    Re: RIP Tony Clemo

    Interesting to read in that Wales Online piece that Tony Clemo was involved in the attempt to bring John Toshack back to the club in the seventies and was behind the initial appointments of Len Ashurst and Frank Burrows. If all of that is true, then I should revise my opinion of him somewhat - I did always feel mind that, as a City Chairman, he was dealt a very bad hand.


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    Re: RIP Tony Clemo

    Got to know Tony, when me and the Mrs used his services to follow Wales, some great times (when Wales were not so good as they are now).


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