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Thread: IT’S NOT “COMING HOME” again ????

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    IT’S NOT “COMING HOME” again ????

    It’s romaning somewhere else

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    Re: IT’S NOT “COMING HOME” again ????

    In the last 12 months in competitive matches England have lost no fewer than 5 times (Belgium, Croatia, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands).

    Now the U-21s have been knocked out of Euro 2019 before the tournament is a week old.

    What happened to this ‘England DNA’ they keep going on about?

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    Re: IT’S NOT “COMING HOME” again ????

    0-0 after 75 mins and finished 4-2.

    Funny ol’ game.

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    Re: IT’S NOT “COMING HOME” again ????

    The majority of their bench tonight would possibly get into Wales' first XI yet they still lose to Romania u21s. Typical England.

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    Re: IT’S NOT “COMING HOME” again ????

    It’s good to see the continuity with England, the next gen are bottling it, it would appear. Against France the other day and now 3 goals in the last 8 mins.....I don’t think they will ever shake it off at big events Iceland, Brazil wc, sa name a few recent disasters.

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