Anyone else there tonight?

Great show of course but the crowd was crazy.

Biggest headline show they've played for 14 years apparantly.

Ticked off all the sunny afternoon rock concert bingo boxes

Lads fighting
Lasses in tears
People falling over drunk
Paralytic people being escorted out because they couldn't stand up
Sunburnt faces
Inappropriate urination
Bottle of wine chasers after downing your pints
Long queues for the toilets, bar and chip van
Small queues at the coffee stand

It was like this was the only day out to get blasted and they weren't going to miss it.

Funniest thing for me was as we headed out one lad, bolloxed, on the phone to his mate trying to tell him where he was,

'I'm right underneath the helicopter' he said as it circled overhead, best of luck with that mate as it flies over 35,000 people.

As I said at the start, superb gig. Band sounds as good as ever