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Thread: Passport advice

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    Passport advice

    Hi, I want to get a passport for my sons birthday who is 20 and he has a kids passport I believe from when he was about 6 years old so now out of date.
    I've got him to take a photo at the passport photo booth, now I want to apply online for him but I'm not sure what I do with the passport photos he has?
    I can get them signed by somebody but what do they write on the back of them as I'm a little confused what I need to get done next?
    How many do I get signed and do whoever sign it need to write anything on the photos and on how many of them?
    I can't find anything online what to do unless I actually go ahead and pay before I get the photos signed. Cheers for your help.

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    Re: Passport advice

    You write
    I certify this is a true likeness of *******
    Signed by the person certifying

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    Re: Passport advice

    Just on one photo?

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    Re: Passport advice

    You can do this online. There is a download form for the witness to complete/sign...then you can upload.
    I THINK they then send a confirmation email to that person.

    BTW do you not think he is old enough to get his own passport???

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    Re: Passport advice

    They make it easy to apply (usually), just follow the step by step instructions.

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    Re: Passport advice

    Cheers. All sorted.

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