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Thread: Zahore

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    Re: Zahore

    I don't really know what fans expect from friendlies.

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    Re: Zahore

    Who is Zahore?. His name is ZOhore!!

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    Re: Zahore

    Quote Originally Posted by pomeroy View Post
    Who is Zahore?. His name is ZOhore!!
    Z O'Hore - sounds Irish to me?

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    Re: Zahore

    He played what? two decent matches for ccfc?
    i'm not surprised that they are underwhelmed

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    Re: Zahore

    Who deja vu for us in the last few years ,wake up is not in his persona :

    Baggies Fan I Quote :

    """On the striker front (unless Zohore wakes up and looks interested) we only have HRK who looks like he can influence us in any way. Would love to see a class striker come in""

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