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Thread: city link...

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    city link...

    anyone know what iptv channel the city game is on cheers

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    Re: city link...

    Just had a look on mine and saw 80 odd links with no indication of what game they are, after I saw that I turned it back off and went back to bed.

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    Re: city link...

    cant find anything

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    Re: city link...

    working fine here on 2nd server

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    Re: city link...

    Quote Originally Posted by C1C9F2C7 View Post
    working fine here on 2nd server
    Pretty sure mines due an upgrade as I had it start of last season for Bournemouth.

    Pointless getting it today as waiting for new WiFi supplier and it ainít gonna work off a mobile hotspot (just looked at the links out of curiosity to know whatís out there)

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    Re: city link...

    its on ifollow 6

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    Re: city link...

    yup sorry guys didnt get time to update it came on seconds before the kick off

    great win YES!!!!

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