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Thread: IR 35

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    IR 35

    So the government are hell bent on introducing this new IR 35 legislation through on April the 1'st . Any self employed or contractors working through LTD companies on here going to be affected ?

    If so whats your plans stay LTD , work via a HMRC approved umbrella company or go perm or maybe bugger off and work abroad ?

    Think this is going to go pear shaped forcing employers to increase salaries at a time when this country is going through a massive skill shortage in some sectors making them uncompetitive in the global world. I agree this area needs to be looked at but now is not the right time to introduce with Brexit on the horizons

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    Re: IR 35

    It's been bubbling for a while and in play in the public sector *or a while , it's about the responsibility for determining off-payroll in an attempt to make folk pay broadly the same tax and National Insurance contributions as an employee of a business would .

    There are 28 different rules in Europe that sub contractors will run into anyway ,and discussion is underway to harmonise the Euro zone( which I've read somewhere .)

    The public sector has used IR35 since 2017, it's just HMRC now broadIing this rule out to the private sector from April 2020 ,probably to capture revenues from the potential black market .

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