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Thread: Proxy Middle East war heats up

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    Proxy Middle East war heats up

    Russia has been supporting Syria for years against, well, all comers. Some months ago NATO member Turkey decided to launch a military offensive inside Syria which has heated up of late and became far more serious overnight when Turkey shot down two Syrian fighter jets.

    Turkey Shoots Down Two Syrian Fighter Jets as Clashes Intensify:

    Meanwhile Turkey has been paid to shelter millions of Syrian and other refugees for years. Turkey's leader has asked allies for support in their (illegal) invasion of Syria lest he would open border crossings so that those refugees could attempt to cross into Greece, the gateway to other EU countries. Yesterday he did just that.

    Thousands gather at Turkish border to cross into Greece: EU border agency on ‘high alert’ as Turkish president Erdoğan keeps crossings open -

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    Re: Proxy Middle East war heats up

    Argh the Ruskies will sort it , no wonder Trump extracted USA troops .

    Greece won't let the refugees in this time around , or Germany?

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    Re: Proxy Middle East war heats up

    Greece will let them in. Saying they won't is for public consumption. Greeks are really peed off but what can an unarmed population do?

    They could hang some politicians and bankers upside down from lampposts, but as much as they've suffered during the past decade they evidently need to starve before getting their arses into gear.

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