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  1. Can we have one idnetity per IP Address Or account
  2. Result : Manchester Arena attack: Bomber's brother faces murder charges
  3. Bananas
  4. Search for missing teen Emanuela Orlandi leads to recovery of bones at the Vatican
  5. Another mass shooting
  6. Jeffery Epstein Dead
  7. Alternative: Luton Towns forum
  8. Placido Domingo
  9. That bonkers Scandinavian child GT
  10. Which one do you do
  11. Elton John Harry Meghan and Greta Thunberg
  12. Benny Hill
  13. Hey Sludge
  14. Good call Mike
  15. Ladyboy Massage Services
  16. MK-ULTRA
  17. MK-ULTRA (continued)
  18. Watersports
  19. How easy is it to get into a sports bra ?
  20. Name the best looking people in football.
  21. The OFFISHUL I just put WalesBales on ignore Thread.
  22. Hope The Lone Gunman is still stuck at Cardiff airport
  23. Charlotte Church is looking mighty fine
  24. Thomas cook
  25. Bit sad that the rugger thread has more comments...
  26. I and others haven’t attacked you for being positive, why the snidey remarks?
  27. That Roathie poster on the other forum
  28. Louise Lear , weather girl
  29. That Irish redhead on the one show
  30. How on earth did Rod Stewart pull Penny Lancaster ??
  31. FAO TDA (don't bother looking if you are not him)
  32. Melanie Walters , Gavin And Stacey
  33. Honey off eastenders
  34. That woman who plays doctor who
  35. Lady boys, has anyone ever met one ?
  36. Stacy Dooley , St David's Hall
  37. Vast collection of ladies underwear for sale at auction
  38. I had a terrible blow last tuesday
  39. They got a disco in there ?
  40. Heavy rock lyrics
  41. Anybody like Feeder ?
  42. KISS, sweet pain classic bubblegum glam rock 1976
  43. Donna Air
  44. Poacher turned Gamekeeper
  45. Francesca Anněs
  46. This is heartbreaking
  47. My perfect woman at the moment
  48. Melanie Walters, Gavin And Stacey
  49. Henry The Eighth........He Was A Shit
  50. I was in Taffs Well , with a lady , today
  51. Metal riffing Sunday
  52. Locust Of The Dead Earth
  54. Liz Phiar ............what a staggeringly sexy talented woman
  55. Wife Swapping
  56. Wargasm , L7 These girls are no republicans
  57. Petition to rename the alternative forum "Sludge thoughts" where he can post all his wonderful (and often repeated) threads in peace.
  58. More Sludge Music
  59. Bands and artists you cannot stand
  61. Sky making a big thing of QPR not taking the knee
  62. Gender Pronouns
  63. Porn Legend
  64. Micheal........tell me about the ladyboys
  65. Valerie...
  66. Agnostic Front , New York Hard-core
  67. GUNS
  68. Pritti Patel Anagram
  69. Welsh Water “Not for PROFIT” - Bollocks
  70. One reason why religion is a load of bollox.
  71. Is violence to genuine football fans what religion is to actual Christianity?