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  1. Cystadlu dros Skype o Batagonia
  2. but can only be got by a search elsewhere ...
  3. Podcast gwych am bêl-droed
  4. Gareth Bale
  5. Camgymeriad iaith arwydd Shirley Bassey
  6. Help needed..Labour leader election
  7. Ydych chi'n hapus gyda'r tymor erbyn hyn?
  8. Acheni Challianch llillachllich
  9. Wedi bod ar wyliau
  10. Ewro 2016 : Croesi bysedd
  11. Rheolwr Newydd
  12. OT - Crisps
  13. Y Chweched Safle. ?
  14. Just back
  15. Codiad am ddim yn Tescos newydd Aberystwyth
  16. Dyn ni'n mynd i ffrainc te?! Pwy sy'n mynd?
  17. TTIP & The Tory/United States of Europe partnership, do you really feel safe regarding the NHS ?
  18. Translation help please
  19. Brexit : Should I Listen To The Loons ?
  20. Ewros yn agosau
  21. Chwilio am x2 o dicedi ar gyfer Rwsia
  22. "it's the sun wot won it"
  23. My one and only thread on the referendum.
  24. BBC Eu referendum debate
  25. 46% of brexiters
  26. Much better for Wales if we remain in Europe
  27. EU's Turn to be NUTS
  28. My first Brexit quetion (and probably last)
  29. Immigration
  30. The free movement of people...
  31. Its a pity 16 year olds cannot vote in this one .
  32. Ot - one last brexit thread. Regulations
  33. Brexit clincher
  34. Channel 4's televised EU debate
  35. In the event we vote leave
  36. Don't forget your sharpie today
  37. if the vote is leave
  38. LEAVE ....
  40. Vardy opts for remain
  41. REMAIN
  42. Latest polling - The Referendum thread
  43. Turkey - Ten Million of them heading our way
  44. Will I have to get a new passport if we leave the EU?
  45. Serious consequences for all if we Brexit
  46. Liz Hurley reveals voting intentions
  47. How Remain Won!
  48. Did anyone actually change their voting opinion during the campaign ?
  49. Brexit Tories want Cameron to stay as PM
  50. Wales is voting to leave
  51. victory for leave
  52. The pound has crashed
  53. Cheers thickies
  54. Bye bye Scotland
  55. £350.000.000
  56. What A Let Down.....
  57. Cameron is toast, how about Corbyn ?
  58. It's all Daves fault
  59. Cameron going?
  60. Cameron about to throw the towel in
  61. Bye bye Wales
  63. Nice to have our future in our own hands once again
  64. Who'll be next to vote out, The Dutch or The Germans
  65. Stock market down over 5%
  66. Bank of England Statement
  67. Boris Trump
  68. STOP PRESS Vote going to be announced void !
  69. Armageddon brought forward
  70. Robbing T*** Carwyn Jones should follow Dave out the door
  71. picture the scene
  72. All I have been hearing from OUT voters....
  73. How many voted to save the NHS?
  74. Farage backtracks on Brexit promise about NHS funding
  75. Sinn Fein calling for a vote on a united Ireland now
  76. Cornwall demands to receive funding equivalent to the EU's
  77. Tony Blair looks like he hasnt aged well
  78. British Education
  79. Will we still be a part of the ESA?
  80. M4 bypass and ring road completion
  81. Part of Japan is backing the UK
  82. And so it continues...
  83. Hope you're all pleased with yourselves
  84. MEP's
  85. Non voters
  86. Is it National Whoosh Day? :D
  87. The end of ukip?
  88. Phoned British Consulate
  89. Would you vote different today ?
  90. Second referendum past 100k
  91. U.K. Votes out 2016. MUSIC THREAD
  92. Why have Brexiteers?
  93. Dealing with the vote out Numpties....
  94. FTSE100
  95. Hey Wales......
  96. Third referendum petition
  97. We have really screwed up with Sturgeon
  98. Time to move on
  99. Oh dear
  100. Chris Coleman on Brexit
  101. To all the feckwits that voted out.
  102. 2tn wiped off Stock Market value. Shocker headline, but....
  103. The one thing that's really upsetting about the brexit
  104. Quick EU Brexit related question
  105. Nigel Farage is furious
  106. Upset about Brexit?
  107. Dear Brexiters
  108. Mass Labour Shadow Cabinet Resignations Planned
  109. Is there something wrong with the water in Ebbw Vale?
  110. Anyone on here from Ebbw Vale?
  111. It's your time Chuka, C'mon down
  112. Sir David Cameron
  113. merge all the brexit threads
  114. Boris Johnson speaks
  115. GLC'S amazing take on Brexit
  116. The great Labour party clear out
  117. Spexit
  118. Imagine You Voted Remain ...
  119. European Superstate Imminent?
  120. One world government
  121. Farage is back at work again
  122. Uk credit rating
  123. Nicola Sturgeon
  124. Jezza got stuffed regarding the confidence vote
  125. Brynglas tunnel / refurbishment
  126. Stupidest reason for leaving the EU?
  127. The pressures on Labour
  128. Scottish Nationalists kicking Labour when they're down.
  129. Brexit fallout- a conspiracy theory
  130. New Labour and Conservative leaders
  131. £24 BILLION POUNDS [Give or take a million or two]
  132. Wales v Belgium
  133. HOT BIRDS
  134. Angela Eagle to announce tomorrow that she will stand chatter ???
  135. FTSE
  136. Corbyn to face leadership challenge
  137. Flexcit
  138. Gove email
  139. Depressing Twitter thread
  140. A New Petition
  141. Gove wants to be Prime Minister
  142. Boris
  143. Breaking News - Murdoch is new PM, Dacre his Deputy
  144. Brexit Bigots ?
  145. Is this the end of the Westminster Bullingdon Club?
  146. Away from the referendum, UN says UK austerity 'breach of international human rights'
  147. Don't trust her and I never will
  148. Anybody on here vote for this guy?
  149. Is Our Teresa The British Merkel
  150. Stop Theresa May
  151. Armando Iannucci Materiel All Played Out
  152. TV political show on BBC1, 11.45pm
  153. 60,000 new members in last week for Labour.
  154. Heseltine lays into Boris
  155. UKIP given chair of welsh assembly climate change committee
  156. The moment you realise you backed the wrong horse
  157. Paul Joseph Watson Video on YouTube .....
  158. 3 second hand water canons for sale!
  159. No great surprise I suppose.
  160. Austerity will now last forever
  161. Is this a politics forum or a conspiracy theory forum?
  162. Cheers Dave
  163. Betrayed by Dodgy Dave Cameron
  164. Angela Eagle
  165. The Grand Old Duke Of York
  166. Farage gone
  167. Farage and UKIP - when will the penny drop for their supporters?
  168. Can someone fix the 'go' button in the politics forum?
  169. Interesting EU talk with Yanis Varoufakis & Noam Chomsky
  170. Oh my God!
  171. Kenneth Clarke Comes Clean On Tory Leaders
  172. Latest Welsh Poll, interesting regarding the referendum
  173. Theresa May, a little awkward?
  174. Chilcott
  175. Gove eliminated
  176. Tory party leadership race
  177. US celebrities Running for Cover
  178. Leadson for leader? Surely not
  179. Just applied for an Irish passport
  180. A massive thank you to Michael Morris
  181. Murdoch - unbeaten in all elections since 1979
  182. Angela Eagle
  183. Mrs Steve R
  184. Once again, Wales is let down by Labour
  185. Democracy in Britain
  186. George Bush dancing
  187. Mays first task is so clear
  188. Boris appointed Foreign Secretary
  189. Where is Gove?
  190. Beware the useful idiots..
  191. Tom Watson takes a £200,00 donation from Max Mosely Formula 1 Spanker with a German Fetish !!!
  192. May Getting Stuck In
  193. Angela Eagle, doing better since her EU panel performance
  194. New leader of the opposition
  195. Pwy ye eich hoff postiwr ar y ford sisneg ??
  196. Brexit kicked into the long grass?
  197. Labour Leadership odds
  198. Will New Trade Deal Come With New Referendum
  199. ARM sold to Japanese company
  200. Trident vote
  201. Scruffy boy Boris' first day at big school ..
  202. Corbyn at PMQs
  203. Are Theresa May and Angela Merkel in the ILLUMINATI?
  204. Right Wing Extreme Hair
  205. Angela Merkel: Blood on her hands
  206. Owen Smith
  207. LLoyds Banking reports 101% increase in pre-tax profits but
  208. Hinkley - Nuclear PowerPlant
  209. Did Bill fall asleep during Hillary's speech ?
  210. Al Manar in the news again.
  211. Time to do away with it?
  212. Surprised to see nothing posted on this on here.
  213. When do conspiracy theories change and simply become conspiracy fact?
  214. The EU and Turkey, help me please
  215. Don Trump is virtually nailed on now.
  216. Is this too far?
  217. Olympic Security
  218. CIA Production in Syria?
  219. Not sure how much truth there is in this
  220. Only 14% of American eligible adults voted for Clinton or Trump.
  221. Mike can we have a Conspiracy forum?
  222. Sshh, whisper this, a UK bank run is underway
  223. ISIS 'Minister of War' trained by USA forces.
  224. Child sex abuse inquiry: Judge Lowell Goddard quits
  225. Jeremy Corbyn gets a rapturous round of applause in Cardiff last night.
  226. Breaking News:
  227. Genius George Osborne awarded highest possible honour
  228. Stop the Lords appointments scandal
  229. Blairites ban name and accidentally banish Blair in the process.
  230. Don't come on here with your alternative theories.
  231. Another conspiracy theory?
  232. Does Hillary Clinton suffer from some form of bizarre mental health issues?
  233. The political views of young people
  234. Photographs on 9/11 that you don't see very often.
  235. Mysterious Tweet Sparks Fears Edward Snowden Is Missing Or Dead
  236. You can keep New Labour
  237. Sayyed Nassrallah on Roots of Terrorism
  238. Caught! USA Gov’t Shipped 1700 Metric Tons Of New, U.S. Weapons To Al Nusra Terrorists In Syria
  239. I see the train drivers are at it again
  240. Where's Daniel Goodfellow?
  241. By which legal authority does UK special forces have to be in Syria?
  242. Israeli official calls for concentration camps in Gaza.
  243. ISIS cross deserts in huge convoys completely unseen by spy satellites?
  244. How the US government perverted the course of justice to avoid war crimes prosecutions
  245. How many times can you kill doctors in Aleppo?
  246. The best 9/11 video that you are ever likely to see.
  247. The News, Italian/American style...
  248. Scotland Yard's new Thought Police Squad
  249. Bail-ins ahead for the long-suffering Greeks
  250. Jeremy Corbyn branded as being a 'Nazi' by ex-Labour party donor.