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  1. They don’t appreciate our “superb” record.

    Quote Originally Posted by the other bob wilson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by JamesWales View Post
    Not true though is it. Indeed all I've quoted on here is facts (again) and all you've proferred in response is opinion.
    There was me thinking that all you’d been doing was gaslighting - again.
  2. Proud To Be British. 300 Million Watching. Its Ours And Its The Best

  3. he was so cool

    Quote Originally Posted by Kind of Blue View Post
    Listened to ‘marque moon’ and ‘adventure’ around Christmas time, having not dusted off and played either in a long time. Wasn’t only Verlaine, but the guitars on the former record in particular are incredible still. Post-punk before punk almost. RIP.
    Well said - “post punk before punk almost” is a good way of putting it.

  4. sky red button

    Quote Originally Posted by poc View Post
    its advertised we are on tomorrow 1230pm
    Yes it is on the Sky Sports website.
  5. Get Wilson.

    Quote Originally Posted by RonnieBird View Post
    Yes I know they’re tightening the belt but with the strange collection of very average players we’ve been signing we need at least one more good player to back up our remaining handful of quality players.
    £10M is a lot of money but it’d make the difference between some possibly of promotion and a retreat into heroic mediocrity.

    They’ve saved a lot and they probably could afford this one extravagance because it’d make financial sense in the medium to long term.
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