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Neil Warnock - 'I've faced a vendetta over my links to Emiliano Sala agent'

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I’m sharing here an open email I sent to the Club yesterday expressing my support for NW ;

Dear Mr Warnock

I appreciate that I am writing to you during an ongoing highly emotional and traumatic moment in time for not only yourself personally but for Cardiff City Football Club, it’s players, management, staff and supporters and of course above all, Emiliano’s family following his recent passing in the most tragic of circumstances.

However, being a 53 year old football fan of over 45 years myself, I have followed your managerial career over the years and I have to ‘kick off’ here with a negative I’m afraid and state that for the majority of those years I have perceived you to be something of a most arrogant and self opinionated person with a highly autocratic and ruthlessly direct management style.

Perhaps my perception of your management style holds ‘some merit’ (!!), however, I have to admit how so, so wrong I have been in my perception of you, Neil Warnock the man, the husband, the father, the human being.

Having been through six years of absolute hell myself recently following a work related mental health breakdown after a successful 36 year career, an acrimonious divorce as a result (my wife of 21 years was off like a shot seeking pastures new as soon as I was put on half pay) and recently I’ve been retired off on ill health grounds, I can only empathise and express my utmost admiration for the manner in which you have handled this unprecedented and extremely harrowing event with total humility, sincerity, genuine love, care and compassion culminating in that incredible vocal tribute at the end of the recent Bournemouth game where I broke down in tears watching on TV at home as you left the pitch that night.

Furthermore, you have also had to deal with your wife Sharon’s illness on top of recent events so once again I can only express my utmost admiration for you Neil as a person in coping with such adversity.

I am blessed with two wonderful sons aged 18 and 22 who incidentally both played at the CCFC Academy over the years and they have been an absolutely amazing strength and support to me throughout the past few difficult years. My youngest son is currently in Cardiff University and when I took him back to Cardiff on Friday 25th January I took the opportunity to pay a visit to the CCS where the tributes to Emiliano were in their early days and I laid down my Club scarf and paid my respects silently along with several other Cardiff fans, a truly humbling and highly emotional moment for me.

My apologies if I’m rambling on a bit here but I just felt I had to ‘put pen to paper’ (as it would have been in the ‘old’ days !) and convey my thoughts and utmost admiration as to how you have handled this awful tragedy.

One last thing, I haven’t mentioned so far that I am in fact a Swansea City fan of 45 years and when I came to pay my respects at the CCS on 25th January, I laid down my Swans scarf at the statue alongside all the other tributes and stood in silence with City fans side by side.

Bill Shankly is famous for his ‘football is not a matter of life and death .....it’s far more important than that’ quote but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that given recent events football most certainly pales into insignificance at times like this.

Respect, respect, respect Mr Warnock.

Best wishes to you and your family.
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