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Colonel Cærdiffi

The Hot 1000 - Week 1

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Scarlett Johansson

Katheryn Winnick off of Vikings

Kate Upton

Adriana Lima

Alison Brie off of Community

Taylor Swift Legs Special

Mila Kunis

Margot Robbie

Natalie Dormer

Amber Heard

Well there we have the first 9 contestants.

You can vote for your favourite and you can vote for multiple contestants if you want.

The winner of this week will move into a playoff against the other winners of the week, the winner of that will move into a playoff against other winners of the month and then we will finally crown our ultimate CCMB Hot Bird Champion.

Then we will vote on the best pic of the champion and a limited edition t-shirt will be printed and made available exclusively to CCMB posters only.

Mike has kindly offered to photograph himself wearing the t-shirt at every away ground in the lower four divisions, well done that man.
Amber Heard

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