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  1. Re: Why no live music gigs yet in Wales...

    But what's the reason for the difference? Be different but for a good reason and the WG hasn't given any explanation of why live music isn't allowed although venues are open. The trouble is that live...
  2. Re: Why no live music gigs yet in Wales...

    What gets me is that live music is allowed a few miles away but not here, as this article says. I took a look at the Music Venue Trust web where there's a map of all the gigs they know about. Not...
  3. Why no live music gigs yet in Wales...

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    Re: Scottish Independence

    Interesting post, good questions..I don't have any answers but why don't you mail all your questions to the SNP and let us know what they say.
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    Re: Harry and Meghan interview

    If anyone would like to sign a petition about the monarchy it's at republic.org.uk.

    BTW Oprah has said they didn't get paid.
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    Anyone shopping at Iceland?

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    New online paper for Wales

    An attempt to create an online newspaper for all-Wales. Just starting up, English only for the moment. The Western Mail covers South Wales, the Daily Post for the North, so here's something new....
  8. Re: Will football stop when we go into full lockdown again?

    YOU've just got time to go out and buy some fish from the market, put them in the bath and fish away all day. I feel for you, have done a bit of fly fishing myself, know how good it is.
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    Re: Trump has coronavirus

    you beat me to it but I've got the image so posted it anyway
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    Re: Trump has coronavirus

  11. Re: 2020/21 Season Tickets | Streaming Vouchers & Credit

    They said when the stadium is open to full capacity, which sounds like you wouldn't be in the mix if it opens partially.
  12. Re: Get Paterson On From The Start , Cometh The Hour , Cometh The Man

    Funny how no-one's thought of that. We're crying out for a right-back and here we have one with international caps.
  13. A new club for some of our players...?

  14. Re: Keir Starmer, the leader the tories fear the most

    'anti-racist, anti-Zionist members (very often Jewish) who were targeted for their support of Palestinians and opposition to Israeli abuses and crimes. They accounted for at least a large minority of...
  15. Re: When football returns........................

    Scary story in the Indy. We'll all be having second thoughts no doubt.
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    Re: When Football resumes..

    FIFA is working on a plan to deal with bankruptcies, salaries, transfer windows and contracts, so much depends on what they say, assuming it's legally binding. If leagues like the Prem do go ahead...
  17. Re: How would a libertarian society cope with a pandemic?

    I don't know, but here's one take from the Telegraph, a restricted article so if you're a subscriber you can read it all, otherwise there's enough in the first few paragraphs to get an idea of how he...
  18. What happened to all thos players we signed?

    What a waste of time and money. Is this how you do it on Football Manager? There must be a better way. Answers on a postcard please to Mr V.Tan.

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    Re: The positive or amusing Covid19 thread

    Well at least they haven't closed the John Lennon Airport in Liverpool. That'd be a disaster.

    Imagine all the people.....
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    Re: Abusive chanting at Barnsley.

    Official comment from Barnsley FC. Seems they were fined recently for not having a policy on this so they're making it obvious they now do.

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    Re: No Europa League thread?

    Good shout, there are some really good clubs in it.

    Question is what will happen to it and the Champions League once the SuperLeague breaks away.

    The SuperLeague is inevitable isn't it?
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    Re: Jimmy Page , Beautiful Guitar

    Put my BOSE Headphones on to listen to it, still not as good as the original vinyl but whatever.

    Aaaah the 70's, nothing but beer, football and Rock n' Roll. Where did it all go wrong?
  23. Re: Is it now harder to come to the UK than it is to become a UK citizen?

    The UK has always had full control over legal non-EU immigration. It isn't part of the Schengen agreement. It could even have delayed immigration from the EU by 7 years but chose not to do so in 2004...
  24. Re: Does anyone really care that we're out of the FA cup?

    In the 27 years since the Prem was set up, 92-93, the winners have been as follows:
    Arsenal 8; Chelsea 7; Man U 5; Liverpool 2; Man City 2; Everton 1; Portsmouth 1; Wigan 1(relegated).

    So you win...
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    Re: The Canton Stand

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