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    Re: Fourth Test India v Eng

    Another inept batting display on a wicket doing very little. Laughable team selection again. Poor captaincy in the field from Root- e.g. three men on leg boundary for Pujara, who doesn't sweep and...
  2. Sticky: Re: HUDDERSFIELD TOWN v CARDIFF CITY. Match thread

    How terrible that he deliberately kept getting himself injured and that the club didn't use its crystal ball to predict that he wouldn't be available for selection very often.
  3. Thread: The Budget

    by dml1954

    Re: The Budget

    Please elaborate on this ‘kick in the teeth’
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    Re: Harry Wilson....

    Negligable contribution !! For goodness sake. What are you on. Are you going to start a separate thread for each one of our players saying how useless they are ? He is one of the few players who...
  5. Thread: Joe Bennett

    by dml1954

    Re: Joe Bennett

    The first three paragraphs of this confirm to me just how little you know about football and that you are an attention seeker. Enough said.
  6. Re: CARDIFF CITY v DERBY COUNTY. Match thread

    Ojo for Murphy is ok and should not affect the overall performance too much but Bacuna for Wilson is disappointing. Its like swapping a Rolls Royce for a Lada. Hopefully Wilson will be on before too...
  7. Re: M4 New permanent 50mph form 15th (Be Careful Out There )

    It doesn't though. Traffic approaching the 50mph zone at 70mph has to slowdown quickly, thereby causing more congestion behind. The congestion isn't there until the 50mph zone starts. Within the...
  8. Thread: Perry Ng

    by dml1954

    Re: Perry Ng

    You are seeing something totally different to me. NG is one of the main reasons that we have gone 9 games unbeaten. He can defend, attack, read the game, pass the ball and is good in possession. As a...
  9. Re: M4 New permanent 50mph form 15th (Be Careful Out There )

    Have you ever tried using cruise control in a steady three lanes of traffic doing 50mph ? Impossible and very dangerous. The flow of traffic is fine until you meet the 50mph restrictions and then...
  10. Re: Is 'not passing to another team member' a tactic, or evidence of a lack of football ability ?

    Perhaps you should read the original post and heading. It clearly suggests this could be the case.
  11. Re: M4 New permanent 50mph form 15th (Be Careful Out There )

    But they couldn't possibly postpone it. They need to persecute the poor old motorist as much as possible, to raise the funds they need to pay for services. Nothing to do with easing congestion in the...
  12. Re: Is 'not passing to another team member' a tactic, or evidence of a lack of football ability ?

    The thing is, you have been critical over quite a long period of time of the teams ability and standard of coaching. So therefore it is not a surprise to me that after an admittedly bad passing game...
  13. Re: MIDDLESBROUGH v CARDIFF CITY. Match thread

    Oh goody, Mr Happy is back after a five week sabbatical. Wonder where he has been ?
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    Re: There was 30 mins last Wednesday night.....

    I will agree with you as well and for that to happen you know there must be truth in what you said :hehe:
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    Re: McCarthy to Celtic.

    I cant believe that you actually think that last seasons or previous years football was better than this. You obviously haven't been watching, the last 8 games especially. We have a centre forward...
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    Re: McCarthy to Celtic.

    Agree. Whats the point of trying to play like Barcelona or Brazil every week if you lose every game and get relegated ? The stadium would soon be empty and people would be queuing up on here to...
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    Re: McCarthy to Celtic.

    So, scenario for you. We get into play offs, win the final and get promoted to Premier League and then your recommendation would be to get rid of Mick McCarthy !! Some people will just never admit...
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    Re: India v England, all over today?

    A number of the dismissals were from balls that went straight on because the batsmen were frightened out of their wits by the fact that there was some turn. A number fell to rank poor shots as well...
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    Re: McCarthy to Celtic.

    You don't rate him then, in spite of all the recent evidence.
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    Re: We don need no educashun....?

    Presumably, if you believe that, you also believe that people who get an education, work hard all their lives to better themselves and manage to put savings aside as well, should have all their money...
  21. Thread: Stella

    by dml1954

    Re: Stella

    You and your neighbour make it sound like the brewery is deliberately trying to poison its customers ! The process of making beer/lager is a natural chemical process. There is nothing illegal...
  22. Re: What are the daftest chants you’ve heard down the City?

    Grammatically untrue/daft yes but also one of the best chants for uniting the crowd and team before the game starts.
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    Re: Bournemouth fans not happy

    Bournemouth are quietly going about finding their level in the pyramid league system. They are a League One club at best and have punched above their weight in the last few years. Their stadium holds...
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    Re: And so it goes on ( Sala )

    Sorry but what you say in the first sentence is just nonsense. If there was no doubt, do you really think that things would have gone on like this for so long. The advice City are receiving is...
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    Re: There’s some crap teams in this league

    Thats why Huddersfield have just smashed Swansea 4-1 then, utter crap. Barnsley beat Brentford away in the week. Coventry beat Brentford today as well :facepalm:
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