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  1. Re: Barry town- top of Welsh premier league at the split. Thanks to city academy


    Theo Wharton has signed for Barry now also.
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    Re: Glatzel v Paterson

    How so Bob? I heard that on the radio and couldn't relate to it. I thought Paterson had more of an impact on the game and I wish he would have started.
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    Blwyddyn Newydd dda i bawb

    Bydd 2020 yn flwyddyn y neges bwrdd Cymraeg!
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    Ben Cabango

    Ben Cabango (19) v Charlton Athletic

    89% Pass accuracy
    100% Dribble success
    3 Aerials won
    10 Clearnances
    3 Interceptions

    Remember the name - @MezzalaScout
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    Ben Cabango

    Ben Cabango (19) v Charlton Athletic

    89% Pass accuracy
    100% Dribble success
    3 Aerials won
    10 Clearnances
    3 Interceptions

    Remember the name - @MezzalaScout
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    Re: A dreadful team to watch

    This is spot on to be fair.
  7. Re: Thats entertainment! Bring back dave jones

    Frustrating is fair. But it was interesting as you never knew what would happen. Football is about entertainment and the unpredictability is a big part of that.

    Its very very rare a game is ever...
  8. Re: Thats entertainment! Bring back dave jones

    Spot on. Premier league football under jones would have been brilliant.
  9. Re: Thats entertainment! Bring back dave jones

    Of course it didnt always work. Thats life.

    But at least we tried. My worry is today planned out pretty much as harris hoped- apart from their very good equaliser.
  10. Thats entertainment! Bring back dave jones

    For me this decade has been pretty awful entertainment wise at the city. The last 8 years anyway. Yes we have had 2 promotions to the promised land, but even they have been ground out more than...
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    Re: Manchester Derby COVER UP

    What a ridiculous post this is.

    There is no cover up. Those identified (which they will be easily) will all be locked up.

    Whats the problem?
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    Re: Sala Fee Latest

    If we are going to have 3 transfer window bans- this January would be a pretty handy one to have.

    Our squad is miles too big anyway so we don't need anyone, it's also good enough. There are...
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    Re: HARRIS OUT!!

  14. Re: FA Cup 3rd round draw coming up from 7pm on Monday

    Perfect. :thumbup:
  15. Fa cup 3rd Round draw tomorrow- could it be different this year?

    We have treated the fa cup with contempt since we got to the final in 2008. Utter contempt and it's got worse year by year. We've spent more effort trying to get out of the cup than stay in it-...
  16. What's that coming over the hill? Great chopra interview here

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    Re: Neil Harris says squad is 'too big'

    You have left out madine- the player harris is building the whole squad around!
  18. Quiet on here tonight? Very little city related talk?

    Neil harris must have started well i guess?

    Strange as everyone had plenty to say when he was appointed about 10 days ago, we had threads popping up all over the place then! :hehe:
  19. Re: 11 points off automatic promotion and 11 points from relegation places

    You are joking?

    We can all spend 2 mins googling stuff like that. The club literally employ a team of people whose job it is to actually compile those stats, not just look on a free website. ...
  20. Re: What a terrible, desperately-boring game...

    Seems to me people are determined already to not like neil harris.

    4 points out of 6, comfortable win tonight v a very expensive but poor stoke side who had won their last 2 games.

    The fans...
  21. 11 points off automatic promotion and 11 points from relegation places

    Yep after 18 games i would say that is exactly what we deserve.

    From the effort shown tonight and the 2nd half at charlton, if that continues we will be looking upwards not downwards.

  22. Re: I can see Kieffer Moore being bought in the January window - what's he worth?

    Reality check. He's on the bench for Wigan today.
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    Re: Madine starts upfront tomorrow....

    Spot on though wasn't he
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    Re: If Wales go to the Play-offs only

    Yep- potentially 4 days to organise an entire away trip or sell 73,500 tickets. Nightmare either way.

    Lets hope we win tomorrow then the FAW can fill the coffers with a meaningless friendly at...
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    Re: Neil Harris - First Press Conference

    Good to see a positive thread but surely this is all stuff everybody was expecting?

    Links to academy, bringing youngsters through, team wont be beaten for effort, evolution not revolution, the...
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