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Thread: PS4 - help......

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    Re: PS4 - help......

    Quote Originally Posted by ninianclark View Post
    Can anybody on here offer any advice.

    My son as a PS3 and wants a PS4 for xmas. There seems to be lots of different options, some with fifa17 pre installed, others 'black console', others have 1TB etc.

    What is the best bang for buck one to get ?
    Where is the best place to buy from ?
    Anything else I need to be aware of ?
    Unfortunately you are about a week too late. Everyone was selling off the old model for 150 with fifa which was a bargain!

    Your best bet is to keep an eye on this site:


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    Re: PS4 - help......

    I got the version on release a few years ago and it easily has enough memory to play everything.

    They released a thinner version this month with more memory. Its normal size is fine so I don't know why people are being swayed by a thin one.

    These two are the best games I've played:



    You could take a risk and wait for amazon black friday to come around. They always have deals on PS4's and XBOX'S. But they'll sell out quickly.

    It's usually the end of november.

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