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Thread: The Donald Trump thread

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    Re: The Donald Trump thread

    Quote Originally Posted by cyril evans awaydays View Post
    So if I understand this correctly the fivethirtyeights does an aggregation of all the polls including the Rasmussen one which Mozz quoted. The comparative polls with other Presidents down that page monitors approval to date and across the Presidential terms. In that Biden has 11% greater approval in his honeymoon period than Trump at this point. Indeed over the four years of Trump's Presidency he never got above 50%.Then again he did lose the election so that would fit.

    If 54% approval at this point is pretty bad you have to wonder what Mozz would call the 43% that Trump stood at. Either a triumph or fake news given previous form would be my guess.
    The 'show more polls' button is helpful. I clicked on it a few times and found another poll that had Biden at below 50%.

    Worrying stuff. There were 36 polls in between where he was 50% or more and I had to go back to the start of February, but still. "Pretty bad", as mozzer rightly says.

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    Re: The Donald Trump thread

    Quote Originally Posted by MOZZER2 View Post
    shame i thought your were a heavy weight in terms of american politics in that case I will leave it to cyril and Heidensberg to trip me up . my other half gives me more grief over trump than you lot ever will she can't stand him either -lol

    then again i,m perceived a poundsland rogersblue so very little competition to be had here then

    You are not the first alt-right contributor on here to labour under the falsehood that the people who found Trump so appalling were somehow closet Democrats hanging on every word and action from Hilary Clinton or Joe Biden.

    Most comments on this thread were either responses to something dreadful Trump said or did or the Q/Treehouse/Breitbart banner waving that came from your fellow conspiracists.

    You will always have a special place in the latter when you entered the field after most of the other tinfoil hat brigade had fled the field. Your tales of dead Venezuelans fixing voting machines and servers impounded by US commando raids in Italy and Germany, the disappearance of the Pope, blackouts in the Vatican and Pakistan starting the storm, Joe Biden's impending arrest, Trump's second term, forthcoming Trump victories in over 60 court cases all helped fill the loss of the idiots selling Trump and Q. I can't recall anyone on the politics thread looking so foolish in such a short period of time though.

    If you are going to spend your time looking for people defending Joe Biden or US Democrats I suspect you will be as disappointed as you were when he was sworn in as President on 20 January 2021.

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