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Thread: Riverside FC

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    Riverside FC

    Iíve been doing a bit of research on the internet about Riverside FC.
    Basically itís whatís not covered in the John Crooks book, so itís based on the years 1899 to 1910. It includes the two years when Riverside became Cardiff City.
    The research was helped considerably by Alan Jenkins, who did the hard slog in Cardiff Library.
    I used two newspaper sites, and I was able to use their information as long as it was for non-commercial use, so for research purposes I can distribute the information.
    Iíve compiled the information into web pages, so thereís a Results web page for each of the 11 seasons, and an Appearances page for each, as well.
    There are many gaps, and Iím sure some errors, as there was a Riverside rugby team, water polo team, a hockey team, and so on.
    The data is about 150 Mb. If youíd like to download it feel free. Itís in a zip file, and Iíve two links in case the download limit is reached in one.
    The links are

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    Re: Riverside FC

    Just downloaded this and have only skimmed the surface of the data available so far, but I'm very impressed at the depth of the information presented.

    Thanks very much to you and Alan Jenkins for all of the hard work you both must have put in and for making your work available to users of this board .

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    Re: Riverside FC

    Nice one. Look forward to reading it

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    Blue in the Face

    Re: Riverside FC

    Nice debut post. Welcome to CCMB.

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