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Thread: Jimmy Mcinch?...

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    Jimmy Mcinch?...

    Anybody know his playing record for city?

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    Re: Jimmy Mcinch?...

    Try the new-fangled interweb thingy


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    Re: Jimmy Mcinch?...

    RIP bluebird

    Found dead in his flat on Saturday

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    Re: Jimmy Mcinch?...

    RIP, think he played in the FA Youth Cup Final against Arsenal in 1970-71. He also played for Bridgend Town for a while, in the late 70's I think.

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    Re: Jimmy Mcinch?...

    Thanks Tauntonblue, I didn't think it was many but still remember his name RIP.Jimmy

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    Re: Jimmy Mcinch?...

    i remember that Youth Cup team well. There looked to be several players in it with the ability to make it at first team level including Nigel Rees, Alan Couch, Derek Showers and Jimmy. Sadly it wasn't to be for Jimmy. A few of them had their chance and Rees is of course something of a legend, providing the cross for Brian Clarke's goal against Madrid. But the only one who did really make it was one of the lesser lights at youth level: Phil Dwyer. He did ok!

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    Re: Jimmy Mcinch?...

    Derek Showers and Jimmy McInch with their long ginger hair were the pair that the press tended to gravitate towards in that 1971 Youth Cup Final team and I can remember him being the stand out City player in a Welsh League match I watched at Corinthian Park in the late 60s - his vivid, red hair had something to do with that, but there was also a dynamism and cleverness to his game that meant I always thought he would do better in the first team than he did. In truth, I cannot remember much about his first team appearances now except for a vague feeling that he lacked the physicality for senior football.


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    Re: Jimmy Mcinch?...

    I watched quite a few of the City Youth team games around that time, they used to kick-off around midday at Corinthian Park in Welsh Youth League games on days when City were at home. My mate was the keeper, John Williams from Porthcawl, and the games were so one-sided (I know I'm probably wrong but it seemed the Derek Showers used to score at least a hat-trick every game - though I know that's probably not what happened) I used to stand by the post to chat.

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    Re: Jimmy Mcinch?...

    As stated above he was small in stature Scottish striker who formed a formidable partnership with Derek Showers at Youth level. And yes he played in the 1971 FA Youth Final for us v Arsenal, which we lost 0-2 over two legs. He a few first team games, but failed to impress. I think his only goal for us was in a Cup Tie. He was releases at the end of 1974/75 season, along with about 10 others, following relegation, despite starting the first 7 or 8 games. I think he went to Bath City for a couple of years and was with Bridgend Town when they were in the Southern league for a few seasons. Didn't know he'd passed away, I saw him play a few times.

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    Re: Jimmy Mcinch?...

    I think he's been reffing in the Welsh League for a few years.

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    Re: Jimmy Mcinch?...

    I donít remember him as a player because Iím too young, but he coached me at some point in the mid 90s. Canít remember if it was part of the club I played for or a summer camp thing, but I definitely remember it.

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    Re: Jimmy Mcinch?...

    Gosh I remember him in cahots with Derek Showers, sad news indeed, tenacious little player .

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    Re: Jimmy Mcinch?...

    Told a sad story of the day Jimmy Andrews told him in a matter of fact way that he needed to leave training to go home to Scotland as his dad had just died,no compassion showed toward a very young man,they where indeed very different times

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