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Thread: Jeffery Epstein Dead

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    Re: Jeffery Epstein Dead

    Quote Originally Posted by rudy gestede View Post
    Cameras weren’t working and the guards were sent home early
    Talk of irregularities at the Manhattan Correctional Center being investigated.


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    Re: Jeffery Epstein Dead

    I wonder whether anyone's considered the idea that he's not dead at all, but maybe spirited away onto a witness protection program ?

    I mean, I know that certain people here will tell me that stuff like death certificates can't be squared up, but they can you know.

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    Re: Jeffery Epstein Dead

    There are dozens of potential names now being linked to Epstein ,yes ,they went to the sex crazed parties ,would they all know the ages of these girls who are carefully selected adult looking teenagers (some of them intelligent enough to know why they were at these events ) it doesn't make them all paedophiles , it makes them very bad drunken judges of character.

    And yes Trump did call this man out , its a matter of fact and can be viewed .

    I bet there's a few politicians, celebs , heads of states ,princesses, princes , all have been in and around this chap at some point , as thats how high society events works, free booze , free holiday , nice girls , it doesn't make them all complicit..

    As to what happened to him who cares, he was a
    allegedly zapped , by a person's or person.

    What we do know he
    was a very wealthy, evil manplulator , and that buys you this fame and connection's, and in doing so folk are always caught in the headlight.

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    Re: Jeffery Epstein Dead

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    Re: Jeffery Epstein Dead

    Epstein reportedly suffered injuries to his neck that are more common in homicides than suicides, according to the autopsy.

    There's also a MD on twitter (with a blue tick) that states this cannot be suicide.

    Apparently there's no room in the cell, so not possible to use enough force to inflict the broken bones in the neck.

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