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Thread: Breaking Bad

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    Breaking Bad

    The trailer for the breaking bad film, El Camino is on you tube. It looks good and is accompanied by a brilliant song by Reuben and the Black.

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    Re: Breaking Bad

    Make that Reuben and the Dark.

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    Re: Breaking Bad

    What a total waste of an hour and a half that was. Offered so much but totally ran out of ideas and sadly left it open for a second film. Shame really as the trailer looked like it was going to offer quite a bit.

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    Re: Breaking Bad

    Really disappointed with it, shame as I loved Breaking Bad.

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    Re: Breaking Bad

    I enjoyed it. A bit too slow but some moments of humour, tension and poignancy. Aaron Paul was excellent.

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    Re: Breaking Bad

    Just finished it, really enjoyed, should be watched in the context that it is an extended closure episode and not a stand alone film, in that perspective it delivered perfectly.

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    Re: Breaking Bad

    Brilliant film. Made sure I watched the last two episodes of BB before the film. Go Jesse.

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    Re: Breaking Bad

    It definitely didn't feel like a film but I really enjoyed it as a feature length finale.

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    Re: Breaking Bad

    How much has Todd aged in the last 6 years! Threw me off the the first few scenes until I got used to him

    todd 1.jpg

    Todd 2.jpg

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    Re: Breaking Bad

    Yes and put a few pounds on.

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    Re: Breaking Bad

    Quite enjoyed it as an additional episode. With Walter dead at the end of the series I thought this closed off what happened to Jessie well. Also showed some of what he went through prior to the finale.

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