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Thread: Clubs you like

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    Re: Clubs you like


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    Re: Clubs you like

    Coventry, lived there for 5 years in late 80's to early 90's. They ain't half been through some shit in recent years.

    Gillingham as my best mate is a season ticket holder and been to Priestfield more than any other away ground as a result.

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Wrexham, Cheltenham, Borussia Monchen Gladbach

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    Re: Clubs you like

    For some strange reason I always as a kid looked out for the results of Hamilton, Berwick and Queen's Park. My favourite club other than the City always used to be Man City. I've never liked Liverpool but I think Klopp is brilliant.

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Liverpool since I was little, Stranraer, Juventus Leyton Orient and I used to like going to the Boleyn to watch the hammers on a weekday evening, but for the craic not the team. Wouldn't cross the street to see them elsewhere.

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Mainly because I have gone up to the beer festival they have on every year for the last 20 odd years. My 2nd home. Proper real Ale Town. Charters bar the floating barge on the river opposite the ground

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Celtic, Forest, Wrexham

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Actually have/had a season ticket: Cardiff, Olympique Lyonnais, Phoenix Rising

    Attended the odd game because I lived there: Barry Town, Coventry City, Southampton, Stirling Albion, Nottingham Forest, AC Milan, Chesterfield

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    Re: Clubs you like

    A guy I got talking to on holiday was from Chesterfield but who supported Arsenal. Ever year him and several of his mates make a pilgrimage to Stenhousemuir. I think it started as a weird suggestion by one of his mates but it is now set in stone to such a degree that officials of the club actively make them very welcome each year.

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Iím surprised Fulham havenít been mentioned the way people were dribbling over them during our promotion season!

    Only joking of course!!

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Stirling Albion for me. I worked for a company that was based in Stirling. I went to see a midweek game there on their plastic pitch once , late 80s, it was the coldest I have ever been at a game! I pretty much can't stand any teams in the English system except Spurs or Arsenal.

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    Re: Clubs you like

    I actually played on Stirling's plastic pitch. You could rent it out for £50 a game.

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    Re: Clubs you like

    St Pauli.
    Atletico Madrid.
    Port Vale.

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Brisbane Roar, Manchester City, Arsenal, Cambridge United, Burnley all because I lived locally and went along to games when I couldn't get down the City.

    Never forget Cambridge away that time....

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Aston Villa. From the the school days
    Everton. From when we played them in the 70ís F A cup
    Rangers. As my Scottish team

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Borussia Dortmund, I like their cool kits and that massive yellow wall

    Also St Pauli like everybody else

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Aalesund in Norway as I have friends there and have visited the town several times. My boy has a thing for Fort William as they've been rubbish for years.

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Cardiff City,Swansea City,Newport County and Wrexham in that order! As a Welshman I support all our clubs and WALES of course in any sport Included Ruby 🏉🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿!

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Jacobs Mint

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Quote Originally Posted by B. Oddie View Post
    Other than Cardiff City of course.
    None. Why would I?

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    Re: Clubs you like

    West Ham and Birmingham for family reasons, always look out for their scores.

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Monk View Post
    None. Why would I?
    Because when you love one thing it's still possible to like/having a passing interest in other things

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    Re: Clubs you like

    Spurs as they were the family team and for part of my teenage years I went to Northumberland Park Comprehensive which was quite literally in the shadow of White Hart Lane.
    Meadowbank Thistle because of the name.
    Llantwit Major AFC as my local side for the other part of my childhood.

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