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Thread: money for sport

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    money for sport

    from the government to support various sports

    distribution seems a little strange:

    Rugby Union* : 135 million

    Horseracing : 40 million

    football : 28 million

    Rugby League : 12 million

    * English clubs only. Welsh and Scottish get nothing.

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    Re: money for sport

    How they can justify 40 million to horse racing beggars belief , minor sports and grass roots get bugger all. Only to be expected with Bozo and his buddies running the country

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    Re: money for sport

    would be nice to see a break down of that money too

    the english FA have just disbanded there senior and youth national Futsal sides and leagues which was governed by the english FA leaving over 100,000 players without a game to play . Bath plugs

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    Re: money for sport

    Devolved governments received money earlier in the year for them to distribute as they saw fit. Dont know why WOL make a story out of the funding being for England only.

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    Re: money for sport

    1 billion has already been set aside to provide support to Sports through loans and job retention funding , I think this 300 million was requested by individual sports .

    A lot of money has been handed out to all manner of business 1.57bn to the Arts is an example, how will we recover financially is the bigger questions for generations to come ,whoever our political masters are .

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